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  1. Khalil A

    Summer 2017 Forum Updates!

    This sounds perfect tho, I love the concept and I will be always loyal to this forum. I got hooked by this place and I don't know why, but It's good !
  2. Khalil A

    Have you ever Fall in love with a game character?

    I love her charm
  3. Khalil A

    Any Riven Main here ?

    I am actually in EUW ! I do have an account in NA but it is level 6 I think.
  4. Khalil A

    Any Riven Main here ?

    Okey thank you so much ! By the way in which elo are you and which server ?
  5. Khalil A

    How do you buy your games?

    May god stop poverty :D all over the world ! Thanks for understanding mate. When I get my job I buy it !
  6. Khalil A

    Have you ever Fall in love with a game character?

    Well the whory side is the sexiest bro, she so beautiful, and she must use as a weapon to not to be accessible to anyone like Yorick or Warwick ! :D
  7. Khalil A

    Any Riven Main here ?

    Well does this requires any any training ? And can you suggest me a tanky item ? Thank you !
  8. Khalil A

    How do you buy your games?

    What you say is totally true, but what if the price is high ? I have always wanted to buy Rocksmith (Guitar game) but the price is so high for me. So I was desperate looking for the copy on the net.
  9. Khalil A

    Any Riven Main here ?

    Laning phase is what I master the most. The only problem I have is the late game. Too much tank and lot of cc is what me makes lose games. I think that I must try to finish early.
  10. Khalil A

    Vikings ! Season 5 coming soon !

    Guys, I am so happy to anounce that season 5 of Vikings is coming soon ! New journeys and new populations conquered, new characters ! Enjoy it guys !
  11. Khalil A

    How do you buy your games?

    I have never bought a game on internet, because I wasn't familiar with buying in internet in general. In the real life, I just buy a copy and it costs basically 1$ to 4$ as a maximum amount.
  12. Khalil A

    Any Riven Main here ?

    Thank you dude, I know that she is a high mechanical champion that can lead to victory easly. To snowball the lane early might help and to roam too as well. I have started playing her two seasons ago. She is more powerful now with her lethality build.
  13. Khalil A

    Have you ever Fall in love with a game character?

    Yes it is possible, basically the whole community of league of legends is in love with Ahri, check it yourself and tell me ;)
  14. Khalil A

    Smite Xbox One Beta

    I am used to play MOBAs, I will try it of course but I don't know how it is going to be, because the word MOBA is linked to a computer game. Maybe it is going to generate a revolution and we will start playing Dota 2 and League of legends on Xbox One !
  15. Khalil A

    Favourite Movie?

    My favorite movie is Mr. Nobody. It is a good movie which stimulates thinking. It is about : Fate, destiny, making decision. I recommand it to you !
  16. Khalil A

    Windows 7 or Windows 10?

    Windows 7 is what I use, I don't want to upgrade it to windows because it seems hard to use. I've heard too that it uses a big capacity of RAM. So I try to excute the updates to protect my laptop and that's all !
  17. Khalil A

    What is your favorite browser?

    Well my favorite browser is avast zone, it seems weird because rare are people who use it, but it is good and easy to use, simple and there's a window for card payment which is protected and under control !
  18. Khalil A

    Have you stopped playing any games because of its community?

    Well I haven't done it yet but I think that I am going to leave league of legends because the communauty is toxic. Some play to lose, some play to only win and some don't even care. League of legends had a good reputation, for now, I don't think so.
  19. Khalil A

    How to get initiated to Games developement ?

    Hello, my friend a I want to start developping games either in Android and for PC. We don't know what to focus on exactly, we are beginners and we have tried to watch tutorials on Youtube but it is not helpful at all.
  20. Khalil A

    What do you think guys about Watch dogs 2 ?

    It is true that missions can be solved in multiple ways ? (Then get naked and play )