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  1. Roci

    Hiya Peeps

    Thanks! It sure is, I don't know how Riot does it. Thanks! :D Thanks! I am only Bronze/Iron rank since I mostly play normals. I have 1.5 million mastery with Jinx tho.
  2. Roci

    Full Poster for Super Mario Bros. Movie Revealed

    Today the full poster for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie was posted on their official social media accounts. The poster shows the entire cast, with the Mushroom Kingdom in the background. One interesting thing to note is that it shows a previously-unseen character. The poster shows the...
  3. Roci

    Hiya Peeps

    Hello. I'm Roci. I like JRPGs, strategy, and action games. And also playing way too much League of Legends.
  4. Roci

    Turtle Rock Studios is Ending Development of Back 4 Blood

    Turtle Rock Studios has announced that they are ending development of post-release content for Back 4 Blood. In a post made on the company website Turtle Rock Studios cites a shift in focus to development of an unannounced new project as the reason for ending development on the shooter...