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  1. Weygd

    Goodbye Jordan...

    That's a beautiful red cross on a small picture. Love it aswell.
  2. Weygd

    Laptops or Desktops for gaming?

    Definitely desktops for gaming. Laptops are quite useful for moving to other places, but it's just not fit for gaming.. at least, the ones under $1k prices.
  3. Weygd

    What's The Most Challenging Mission You Have Faced As A Gamer

    That GTA Vice City mission. I don't need to say anything else, most of you will get it.
  4. Weygd

    What's The First Game You Played On Pc

    Painkiller. I remember playing it on my brother's computer while playing against either him or my own mother. Good ol' times.
  5. Weygd

    What Kind of PC Do You Have?

    I'd say a mid-end one. Even though I do have 16GB RAM and a GTX 1050 Titan, my Processor isnt actually that good (despite the 4 cores which is enough for me). Same for the clim and power supplier
  6. Weygd

    Abbott's Janitor Leader App

    Poor guy deserves it. Make him join you.
  7. Weygd

    Who Do You Think Is The Most Annoying Champion In Urf?

    I believe that Miss Fortune is nothing compared to Xayah, Xerath or Syndra. Basically, with Syndra, you stack your Q's, wait for ANY champion to come by, and here comes the most difficult part: aiming at the champion and pressing R. GJ, +1 kill.
  8. Weygd

    Gunz 2: The Second Duel

    By Weygd Date: August 28th 2k17 Game Main Informations The game is running on PC platforms only and mainly on Steam. The company behind Gunz: The Second Duel is MAIET Entertainement. It was released on May 1, 2014, about 3 years ago. Introduction First of all, I think I am well placed to review...
  9. Weygd

    Changing Nickname ?

    Thanks mate, kisses on the fat belly.
  10. Weygd

    Brink Is Now Free! On Pc

    I'd need some user-personal advices, seeing the reviews of this game on Steam. When it came out, I was just thinking I'd buy it instantly but didn't have enough to do so. Is it worth the shot now ?
  11. Weygd

    Changing Nickname ?

    Greetings, I'd like to know if there was any chance you could change my name to Weygd ? It's becoming my main name on some games and I'm not using Musicfan anymore.. dunno why I took it when I created my account. If it is possible; thanks.
  12. Weygd

    Shop Suggestions

    Hey there, Would like to know if you could add games like Tom Clancy's The Division ? Would love to have it. Thanks again.
  13. Weygd

    What would you like to see?

    Hey there, Just some quick suggestions that would make me visit GR more often. 1. Maybe opt for a better logo. Not that I really dislike the current one, but.. it can be improved quite easily. Don't hesitate if you need an hand on this. 2. Being able to unstick the topbar. I personally don't...
  14. Weygd

    Suggestion Ragnarok Online in Gaming Section.

    I'd agree with that poll. I spent some time on Ragnarok and I'd like to see a section dedicated to it aswell.
  15. Weygd

    Game Shop V2

    Great job, that looks sick as heq. Can't wait to see more of that Shop !
  16. Weygd

    Desktop or Laptop, which one is better for games?

    If you do have money, I'd go with Laptops, but don't plan on playing PUBG on a $700 laptop; expect at least more than a thousand dollars for this. If you have less money or do not see the necessity of playing elsewhere than in your own room, Desktop PC are much better and cheaper. My $450...
  17. Weygd

    With which champion did you do your first pentakill?

    Vayne, which used to be my main champ.. until she had all those nerfs. I must admit that having a penta in low-elo games isn't that hard with that champion.. as long as you know how to kite. I also had one with Riven the same day, even though I do not masterize her very well.
  18. Weygd

    What Is Your Favorite Skin Theme?

    Arcade. I used to have both Ezreal and Ahri skins and I love them so much. But the last arcade skins are horrible imho. I also like the Pulsefire theme, even though the upcoming ones will be as expensive as the current ones, unfortunately. But I can understand that.
  19. Weygd

    Educational Games You Played

    I'm going to be considered as a crazy person for saying that, but: Minecraft. It is used in many schools nowadays to help produce creativity and mind stimulation. Believe it or not !
  20. Weygd


    Thanks everyone, I appreciate it. :) I'm a League of Legends fan, but I had to start over my account due to the main one having been banned for.. well, I don't know what for. They said it was due to the use of an 3rd party application, but they always said that having a skin on your champion...