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  1. Xilkozuf

    Last Game Played?

    I was in the mood for a classic RPG, so I'm currently playing Fallout 2. I played the first one a long time ago, and I don't want to play 3, New Vegas or 4 until I finished the old series completely. It's a good game, indeed, and many people consider it the best chapter in the entire series...
  2. Xilkozuf

    The "how Did I Beat This As A Kid" Moment.

    I'm 100% sure you are talking about the level with the monkeys (in short, the one based on "I just can't wait to be king song"). That level is indeed infamous hard, even the developers of the game admitted they couldn't beat it! Also, speaking about Disney games, Aladdin was also pretty hard...
  3. Xilkozuf

    The "how Did I Beat This As A Kid" Moment.

    We were kids once (sadly?). And many of us, as kids, played a lot of games that stood still in our memories and formed our childhood. As adults, some of us played again those games and... woah woah woah! "Was this really that hard? And I managed to beat it when I was a young dumb kid?". It...
  4. Xilkozuf

    Town Of Salem

    I guess it might get boring after a while, but for now I'm enjoying it a lot anyway. I just want to try every role, and I've never been some of them! I've been enjoying it so much that I also bought the Coven expansion, but it's a bit empty for now... so I'll need some time to get used to some...
  5. Xilkozuf

    Any tips or tricks to keep a clan well integrated?

    I would also say to not focus just to one single game like most clans do: you might be good at it, but if the majority of the players get sick of it your clan is basically over. Instead, focus on the community and not the games you played: let them propose what they want to play from time to...
  6. Xilkozuf

    How Do You Cope With Low Battery When Playing

    I play on PC and when I use a controller, I used the wired one for this very reason. I would hate to be in the middle of a important moment, say a boss fight, and lose because the battery drained out. It's a problem that doesn't concern me and I don't want to have anything to do with it.
  7. Xilkozuf

    Rpg, Yes Or No?

    Well if you like RPG just because you can be a vampire or a wizard then I could say that almost any game is technically a RPG: in every game you are "roleplaying", because you are somewhere else. In game where you create your character is of course more obvious, but you also play a role whenever...
  8. Xilkozuf

    Town Of Salem

    In the last Humble Bundle (still going actually), I discovered this little nice game that I wouldn't have tried otherwise probably. I did a few game and had a lot of fun, even if I suck a lot and more expert players don't really like newbies. So, what is it about? You, and other 14 people, are...
  9. Xilkozuf

    Ps4 Or Xbox One?

    Do not choose basing your opinion on the console itself: they both have their pros and cons, and comparing them will make them more or less equal. Instead, look at a list of what are the games avalaible on each of them - expecially the exclusives. See which console have more games that you would...
  10. Xilkozuf

    Which Is Convenient For Gaming

    Well it depends on many factors.. The game, and how you play it. There are some games that are better played with a controller, and other with a mouse and a keyboard. In which games you keep losing? If they are something like FPS I think using a controller on PC won't make any difference - it...
  11. Xilkozuf

    Alien Isolation PC Game

    I think it's the best alien game out there - yes, even better than the old classic Alien VS Predator 2! It make you realle feel like you are one of the character in the movie: wandering around the space station, never knowing when or where the alien will pop up - many places are randomized, it...
  12. Xilkozuf

    What Are Those Games That Can Boost Intelligence

    Well besides of the already mentioned chess, I think the games that help the most are point&click games (some of them, stuff like Monkey Island where everything is pretty absurd aren't a good choice) or game focused around puzzles that make you think differently. For exampe Antichamber is a...
  13. Xilkozuf

    Do you ever feel bad at killing someone in games?

    We all kill a lot of people in game! For the plot, just for fun during a killing spree, any reason! But there are those few times when you might feel a bit bad about killing your enemies. Maybe because the plot itself make you feel bad, or maybe because it's just a particular enemy you don't...
  14. Xilkozuf

    What moment ruined a perfectly good game?

    Honestly I had no idea what to answer readint the title, but then I read your post abot the final boss of RE3... and I remember another great game ruined near the final boss fight. Or should I say, ruined BY the final boss fight! I'm talking about the first Batman Arkham Asylum, where the final...
  15. Xilkozuf

    Have you ever bought old consoles years after release?

    For really old console that are hard to find, no, I'm too one of those who uses emulator. But other consoles... yes, I had my first PS1 when the PS2 came out, and I had the PS2 when its life was almost over and the PS3 was just around the corner. After that, no more consoles for me.
  16. Xilkozuf

    Will PC gaming ever take over completely??

    PC and consoles will coexist forever, and the console war will somehow go on forever. Now it's less intense, since both PC and console are living a pretty good life and are completely supported by developers, at the same level. There are some PC exclusives and some console exclusives. But none...
  17. Xilkozuf

    Has anyone played the Game of Thrones video game?

    Lords of the RIngs game are (for the most part) pretty good, expecially those that aren't directly based on the movies. Have you played Shadow of Mordor? That was extremely good in my opinion. @OursIsTheFury Actually you aren't just one character, you control almost the entire house. it's a...
  18. Xilkozuf

    Next Minecraft? What do you guys think?

    A new Minecraft game wouldn't make sense: the game is still popular today, there are tons of mods and updates, and the fact that at the recent E3 they even showed a 4K trailer for it means it's stronger than ever. And if there is actually another game in development... why would we assume it's...
  19. Xilkozuf

    Indie games aren't all they're made out to be

    Indie gaming is the best thing in the recent years! I find some of them are even better than recent AAA games, and I don't think they are ruining the industry... at least by themselves. Stuff like Kickstarter can be easily abused, and it happened a lot in the past: projects were funded and never...
  20. Xilkozuf

    A hundred and still going!?

    It depends, but usually my favorite weapon is any game is the shotgun, or any weapon similar to it. It fits with my playstile of close-quarter fighting, and it's always nice to blow enemie's faces off from a few meters. Sure it's slow, but the feeling of its power is awesome.