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  1. Deathisue

    What Kind of PC Do You Have?

    I have a laptop, right now is obsolete but make the job done, i dont play games very demanding for now, but i want buy some parts to build a powerfull desktop My rig is the next Amd A8 4500m 1.9 ghz (2.9 with turbo) 6 GB of RAM Amd 7640G 512mb 750 HDD And that is all is weak but at least work...
  2. Deathisue

    How to counter Illaoi

    Is almost imposible, i never win againts that champ and i am main top, i play passive the most of the time with her because always i try to trade her she kill me and is really annoying fight againts her, she have a lot of damage and a lifesteal that deserve be nerfed, i hate her and her ultimate...
  3. Deathisue

    Have you ever been banned?

    Is complicated, i really enjoy this game but sometimes i lose mi mind, there is a lot kind of people in this game, from kids to complete asshole and sometimes tha people make me be toxic with then and the team, in my 4 years in League of Legends i only have one warning and just stop of do it...
  4. Deathisue

    Arcade games

    That is a big problem right now, the companies go for the money a dont care the damage that they can make to the comunity, at least Nanco Bandai is not like that companies, all the years we saw a Asassin Creed and we still see a new Call of Duty every year that have to stop, there is some...
  5. Deathisue

    What are your thoughts about Rakan?

    I think that he is a good support with a lot of mobility, went he came out was very strong with her duo Xayah but with some nerfs he lost some power, right now is a good supp who can be played with some Adc like Jhin, Vayne, Lucian, Ashe and dont forget Xayah, he has a lot of power against adc...
  6. Deathisue

    Do I need a good monitor for higher FPS?

    Not in reality but you must be aware of the rate of refreco of the screen the greater the rate the greater will be the fluid that will see the image, if you reach the 120 fps you need a screen that can reach that refresh rate, there are good screens with that refresh rate and they are not so...
  7. Deathisue

    Who uses a laptop for gaming?

    I sadly, I live in a country with many difficulties and arming a desktop PC is technically impossible, there it was when I wanted to buy a laptop, it was accessible and I had the money in that time, even dealing with the problems of overheating was a good platform where i can play with somekind...
  8. Deathisue

    What game got you into PC gaming world?

    The game that I start me in the world of pc I think it was Age of Empires II, everything started at a very early age where my curiosity dominated me and just wanted to explore everything I found, it was there when I went to a cybercafe and I see a man playing with his teammates and i was...
  9. Deathisue

    Is PC/Online gaming the wave of the future?

    Maybe yes, the consoles are falling behind in terms of quality and their exclusive even now are very few compared to other generations, if the large console companies do not do something their destiny is fall in front of the pc, for now there is still faithful followers to consoles, but over the...
  10. Deathisue

    Arcade games

    What happens is that Bandai Namco is not a company known for take advantage of its customers, they take out quality games when it is due and not always as certain companies that only look for the money, i will not name that companies for the sensitive people., but yes, already have passed 13...
  11. Deathisue

    Nidalee or Fizz? Who would win?

    Fizz has no doubt, it has a lot of damage and mobility, characteristics that Nidale simply can not face, Nidale has a lot of damage and mobility, but her lack of life simply makes her very vulnerable to Fizz, so in a 1vs1 Fizz will be the winner, Nidale only works against adc and champs that...
  12. Deathisue

    Champion that you hate playing against the most?

    There are many the truth but there is one and only one that I have come to hate with much energy and it is Iloi, that champion is unbeatable 1vs1 his robbery of life is absurd equal her resistance to damage and her damage is too much, leaves me without words how strong she is and yet it is not...
  13. Deathisue

    Why am I so bad at LoL?

    First I must ask, do you have some experience in the genre of moba? If the answer is no is very understandable that you are bad in the game, it is a highly competitive genre that may demand a lot of skill but with patience you can improved, accept the challenge and skip Your weaknesses you can...
  14. Deathisue


    I used to think like you, played normal always and only did it to entertain me but never improved as it was due and there was when I entered the ranks, it was hard at first but that helped me to perfect my skills in the game and since I saw that rankeds can exploit my potential, i only play rankeds.
  15. Deathisue

    The new Urgot

    Facing me to an urgot note that, his incredible ability to receive damage and not suffer for it, is a champion that can enter without any fear and be able to leave almost intact, needs a good readjustment, it is very powerful at the moment i see it as a very viable champion these days.
  16. Deathisue

    Favorite ranked role?

    Well you are right,i have to think a lot about it, i going to ask that to a main jungler, he may have the answer, but for now the only think i can say is depends of a lot of factors, but for me is the more gankeable line of all.
  17. Deathisue

    Arcade games

    I have a lot of arcade games in my mind, but i going to say the 2 more relevant for me, the first is the Tekken 5, i play it in a cinema with a arcade zone, it was worth of play, the second was the first Soul Calibur, it was very adictive a the medieval theme make me crazy, i use to play that...
  18. Deathisue


    Fable the Lost of Chapter and i do not know why but this game had a great impact on me, I changed my perspective of what it was to play and it was the only game that introduced me to the RPG world, a good game that promised a lot but did little, but at least a good game. one of my favorites if...
  19. Deathisue

    The new Urgot

    Why not? ok the last time i talk to you i learn what kind of champs you like, you play champs like vayne right?,small, fast and powerfulls in late game, well Urgot is the opposite of all that, is big, rustic and not fast, but still so powerful, they are banning him a lot these days, give it a...
  20. Deathisue

    God Nasus is back?!

    I play againts him in a ranked match and i have a lot of things to say. First: he is more powerfull but now only againts tanks in early and mid game because he only does damage with the E for percentage of amor, for this i can make less damage in early stages of the game. Second: With the...