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  1. xXInfectedXx

    Wired or wireless controller?

    I use wireless controllers. I also prefer them more than wired controllers. They are more portable.
  2. xXInfectedXx

    Hi There, Yishak Here

    Welcome to GameRebels!
  3. xXInfectedXx

    Do you have to complete a game 100%?

    Yes! I like to complete 100% of it to find out what happens at the end of the game. I do this for most of the computer games I purchase.
  4. xXInfectedXx


    I play Skyrim! I play the game on my Xbox 360. The game is installed on my Xbox, it's a amazing game.
  5. xXInfectedXx

    How quickly do you go through headsets?

    My headset has kept for a long time. I haven't had to replace it at all. This is my first headset, and the condition of the item is still perfect.
  6. xXInfectedXx

    Hi, I'm Hux

    Welcome to GameRebels!
  7. xXInfectedXx

    It Is My Pleasure

    Welcome to GameRebels!
  8. xXInfectedXx

    Everyone Is Coming Back! So I Guess I Might Also

    Welcome back to GameRebels!
  9. xXInfectedXx

    Favorite gaming company?

    Rockstar Games. They have some nice games, including Grand Theft Auto Five. I do have others, but that's my main favourite gaming company right now.
  10. xXInfectedXx

    Will PC gaming ever take over completely??

    PC Gaming will never take over. The Gamer will always have a choice whether they buy a console or a PC. My choice is that I am a console gamer rather than a PC gamer at the moment.
  11. xXInfectedXx

    Lates Pc Games To Play?

    I live streamed Minecraft on YouTube! I live streamed yesterday. I had a few viewers, it was a fun live stream on YouTube.
  12. xXInfectedXx

    What Console You Own Are You Surprised Is Still Working?

    The Xbox 360. I attempted to play on my console today. Surprisingly, my Xbox is still capable of playing the console games I own, whih
  13. xXInfectedXx

    Free Games

    Flash games are not as good as paid computer games. It's probably because there free to play. One free flash game I enjoy is Age of War 2.
  14. xXInfectedXx

    Gaming Chairs

    I do! I use a gaming chair when I play on my Xbox. The chair is very comfortable for gaming.
  15. xXInfectedXx

    How Do You Cope With Low Battery When Playing

    If I'm playing on my Laptop, and it has low charge, it's a inconvenience. I will go and plug my charger in as quick as I can. It's annoying when this happens.
  16. xXInfectedXx


    Welcome to GameRebels!
  17. xXInfectedXx

    Why do you actually enjoy gaming?

    I enjoy playing with other people, and it's a way of getting way the stress of life. It's also peaceful. Gaming is fun, if you have a playing a game which you are especially enjoying.
  18. xXInfectedXx

    Do you bet on games?

    I do not bet on games. You can waste your money. I would rather spend my money on a gaming console or a new game.
  19. xXInfectedXx

    Which is/was your nobody-else-like-it game?

    I'm spending most of my childhood playing Minecraft. It's a great adventure game, and you can really explore with your mind. Loving the game!
  20. xXInfectedXx


    Thank you, everyone for the welcomes!