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  1. Squigly

    Board Games

    Mahjong is a fantastic game to pick up and learn if you have Asian friends.
  2. Squigly

    Do you own a knife skin?

    Best of luck! The butterfly knife is a really good option for mid-priced knives. Personally I'd like a Butterfly Fade/Slaughter.
  3. Squigly

    Favorite childhood game

    Pokemon Fire Red for me, back then owning a GameBoy was the coolest thing ever. I do the miss the era of handheld gaming devices instead of smartphones nowadays.
  4. Squigly

    How many games do you play?

    I have 900 games in my Steam library but I probably have only really got into ~100 of them. A lot of the rest are just bundled games which I'm not too interested in :rolleyes:
  5. Squigly

    Do you think GTA V is too violent?

    Everyone knows that ESRB ratings don't really do much though, they're just a guideline for people when choosing games. Until they ever decide to enforce the law and prevent minors from purchasing M-rated games.
  6. Squigly

    Favorite GTA Car

    Gauntlet or the Dominator. Muscle cars all the way!
  7. Squigly

    Good Adventure PC game

    Renowned Explorers International Society might be your thing. http://store.steampowered.com/app/296970/
  8. Squigly

    What heroes do you enjoy playing the most?

    Rubick is my favorite, he's such a creative hero since you can steal any spell the opponents cast. In this regard he's the most versatile and potentially broken hero to play.
  9. Squigly

    Do you follow CSGO eSports events?

    Most of the major events should be displayed on the Counter-Strike blog. So far Katowice and Dreamhack have been annual competitions, but there's bound to be more majors popping up as the playerbase continues to grow.
  10. Squigly

    What are some good games you can play over and over again?

    Well you could always start off with League of Legends. They can't deny that it's a much easier game, huehuehue.
  11. Squigly

    Do you own a knife skin?

    Congrats, a karambit always draws attention despite the pattern and wear. It's undoubtedly the sexiest knife skin in game in terms of looks and animations.
  12. Squigly

    What are some good games you can play over and over again?

    Binding of Isaac, FTL and most rogue-likes in general offer lots or replayability since no two playthroughs are the same. Alternatively MOBAs like DotA and League of Legends also have loads of replayability content, with almost limitless permutations of heroes and item choices between games.
  13. Squigly

    Where do you find your older games?

    The best place to hunt for them would probably be at yard sales, however there's no guarantee as to whether they're in working condition.
  14. Squigly

    Character Ideas

    I'd probably go with some sort of elemental master sorcerer like in the Avatar series, where you could invoke whatever elemental spells you wanted at will.
  15. Squigly

    Do you follow CSGO eSports events?

    I've watched only the major events like Katowice and Dreamhack, partly because of the chance of dropping souvenir cases (The Cobblestone one is worth ~$30, which is pretty awesome). I find the player personalities of CS:GO to be quite nice, especially Pashabiceps! However I don't really find...
  16. Squigly


    IMO console exclusives are really the biggest factor preventing people from jumping ship. I'm pretty tempted to spend money on an Xbox to play Halo sometimes. The Steambox does literally nothing to convert console gamers in this regard.
  17. Squigly

    Do you think GTA V is too violent?

    I do think that it isn't really a game that kids below 12 should be playing, but I've seen kids as young as 9 or 10 get the game for Christmas. It's not about the graphic violence, but rather the uninhibited and socially unsavory behavior like theft, prostitution, racketeering etc. that isn't...
  18. Squigly

    Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS4

    The trailer looked absolutely spectacular. It's one of the remakes I'm most looking forward to. Personally I'm not too fond of the storyline of the newer Final Fantasy titles (Lightning is a pretty uninspired character in my opinion). FFVII is probably my favorite title of the entire series.
  19. Squigly

    Idle/Clicker games

    I played Clicker Heroes for a good few weeks before realising the pointlessness of it all. There is certainly an addicting quality to these games, you just want to see the numbers grow exponentially higher and higher.
  20. Squigly

    Anyone here play Hearthstone?

    I've played several CCGs before, and I have to say that I didn't find Hearthstone too appealing. There's a lot of epic and legendary cards locked behind a paywall or loads of grinding, and the game is pretty reliant on luck of the draw. I'd actually recommend Shadow Era or Mabinogi Duels as...