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  1. primaLucid

    Game Rebels Official Console Vote

    I wholeheartedly agree with all of these points. The graphics, multiplayer options, and customization beats xbox and play station by far. 64 v 64 on Battlefield 4 PC is badass and without a PC, the full gaming experience would not have been felt. I was never a fan of console gaming, as it was...
  2. primaLucid

    What's a game you'd like to see remade?

    I'd love to see Dig Dug remade. That was one of my favorite games, I used to play on the Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance. I loved digging tunnels and killing monsters. It is one of the great classics in my book, and I hope it gets some love in the developing department in the future.
  3. primaLucid

    Pokemon Games

    My favorite Pokemon game is Pokemon Diamond. I am a huge fan of the Pokemon franchise and I look forward to future installments in the series. Although I hardly play Pokemon nowadays since I don't have a 3DS, I plan to get one and get caught up with the newer games.
  4. primaLucid

    League of Legends

    Well, the League community is already super toxic so I don't think condoning more trash talk would make anything better. As for challenge, I am not sure what you mean because in Dota 2 I know that the items are really complicated. If that's the type of challenge you are referencing, then sure...
  5. primaLucid

    Personal Favorite Champion?

    My favorite champion is Nidalee. I love her rework, even with the nerfs, she is super fun to play. It is so satisfying to pounce onto people and execute them with q. Her mobility and burst makes her a versatile champion. I have two skins for Nidalee and although she is nerfed now, she will...
  6. primaLucid

    PS3 What's your "Essential Games" list?

    I'd say GTA V and Battlefield 4. I am also looking forward to The Crew for Ps4.
  7. primaLucid

    How do you guys feel about Hardline?

    I'm really excited about Battlefield Hardline. I'm a huge fan of the Battlefield franchise and I think that the mechanics and theme of this game is really unique. The "cops vs robbers" mentality brings out a different dimension in FPS and I look forward to the next beta release.
  8. primaLucid

    Rising World - Realistic Version of Minecraft

    Wow, the graphics look really nice. I'll definitely try this out, thanks for sharing!
  9. primaLucid

    Do people still play Terraria?

    I think back when it was released, it was getting a lot more reception, both positive and negative. "Oh this is another knock off of Minecraft!" "No, this is actually really creative!" However, I haven't heard much of Terraria in awhile. Do people still play?
  10. primaLucid

    Why have I never played MineCraft before?

    I started playing a cracked version on Minecraft in vanilla. I was quickly drawn to it due to the expansive world that could let my mind be free and imaginative to new and improved heights. Minecraft multiplayer is definitely what defines Minecraft in my opinion. Playing with friends is a lot...
  11. primaLucid

    Thoughts on the new Battlefield 4 update?

    I also heard that the next DLC may be free... Knowing EA, I'm not so sure about that, but it'd definitely be nice, considering how poorly Battlefield 4 launched with all the bugs. It would definitely be a little gift to the community for staying so loyal.
  12. primaLucid

    Darius Here

    Hey! Couldn't help but notice your name, great name you have! Darius is a champion in League of Legends, and I love playing League, so I was drawn to your name. Welcome to the forum, we have an awesome and friendly community.
  13. primaLucid

    What mobile games do you play?

    I used to be an avid mobile gamer, mostly playing the Modern Combat series. I love FPS and Modern Combat was just about the best FPS game on mobile devices. Of course, I also played old classics like Doodle Jump and Plants vs. Zombies. Recently, I haven't been indulged in mobile gaming, just...
  14. primaLucid

    What do you think of the new map?

    I love the visual update. It adds more life to the Rift. The new dragon and baron look absolutely amazing. I love the easter eggs on the map and all the wild life and other ambient creatures that appear. However, I'm not a fan of the new turrets. Some of the turret mechanics are a bit...
  15. primaLucid

    Which MOBA game do you like the best?

    Hands down, League of Legends is my favorite MOBA. To be honest, I was doubtful about trying League. I thought it looked something like World of Warcraft, since I didn't know what a MOBA was back then. I thought it would be some nerdy lore and just fighting people. Sure, there's a bit of both in...
  16. primaLucid

    Thoughts on the new Battlefield 4 update?

    So recently, DICE announced that there WILL be new content to come for Battlefield 4. Although they did not go into specifics, this is quite exciting for Battlefield fans. As Hardline is released in the near future and Battlefield 5 coming out in 2016, it's great to see that EA isn't totally...
  17. primaLucid

    Game you can't stop playing

    I can't stop playing Battlefield 4. I bought Battlefield 4 about a week ago and promptly bought the premium membership shortly afterwards. I always loved the Battlefield franchise. As opposed to Call of Duty, I loved the action, the vast maps, destruction, and vehicular warfare. The graphics in...
  18. primaLucid

    Who uses a laptop for gaming?

    I use a laptop for gaming. I have an ASUS Republic of Gamers laptop, which was built specifically for gaming. With a powerful graphics card and 12 GB of ram, it is a powerhouse for a laptop. Although laptops are more expensive than PCs, I got a laptop because I didn't have the space to keep the...
  19. primaLucid

    Introducing Myself!

    Hello all! My name is Justin, and I am an avid PC gamer. I've been playing PC games for most of my life. I never had an Xbox or Playstation, so PC gaming quickly took over my "gaming career" so to speak. I played a lot of Minecraft back in the day as well as Planetside 2, Starcraft 2, and...
  20. primaLucid

    What's your favorite Minecraft server?

    When I played Minecraft daily, I loved the Faction War servers. I loved the concept of creating alliances and enemies with people while working together and going into faction wars, raiding other factions, and being the supreme faction of the server. Man, those days bring back great memories!