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  1. Pink_Turtle

    Do you ever feel bad at killing someone in games?

    I don't! After all it's just a game and characters are not a real person so it's ok xD.I don't usually play games where you need to kill people very often but when I do I don't mind at all. It's a part of the game and I repeat it's just a game. If it's something like counter strike they can just...
  2. Pink_Turtle

    What Are Those Games That Can Boost Intelligence

    I'll say games like "Who wants to be a millionare" can really make you learn things. There was a time I was really obsessed with this sort of games but eventually it gets really tiring and you know every question because they don't update them. I'll also say scrabble is one of those that can...
  3. Pink_Turtle

    How often do you buy new games?

    I always try playing games that are free xD since I don't like spending money on it. But I'll say if I really like one it'll be every 2-3 months? I rather just borrow them and since my friends don't mind doing it because they know I'll take care of them I just do that. Also if I decide I'm going...
  4. Pink_Turtle

    Entertaining board game

    I've never heard of it. I'm a traditional girl so I'll say I really like Monopoly since I'm competitive as sky is blue xD but I also enjoy games like scrabble or Cranium!. I use to play a lot of board games when I was a child, especially when my cousins visit my place. Now I just play them...
  5. Pink_Turtle

    How long has it been?

    Counting Phone games since this morning xD. Pc games since yesterday and console games I can't even remember since I don't own a console I just play them when I'm with friends that own one...
  6. Pink_Turtle

    How Do You Cope With Low Battery When Playing

    when I'm playing on my cellphone it happens a lot that my battery runs out. My cell doesn't have a good battery and it's really sucky but that's what I have so sometimes I just play while charging. But most of the time is really anoying play with the wire connected so I just stop for a while. Pc...
  7. Pink_Turtle

    How desperate are you for gaming?

    This hasn't happen to me in a long time now! I don't mean to offend you but the way you described it, it seems a bit of a problem... Of course to each one its own but I guess if you are that desperate to play to the point you can't do anything else. Maybe you should rethink how much time you are...
  8. Pink_Turtle

    Rpg, Yes Or No?

    Hello guys! So I had always been a fan of RPG games, I think they really make you bond with your team and it's also a ton of fun. Being someone else for a little while is almost freeing and plus you get to be cool characters such as vampires or wizards. Do you play RPG games? if so which one...
  9. Pink_Turtle

    Mobile Games: Free Or Paid

    I wouldn't pay for mobile games, in fact I don't do it. I rather just play the free ones. I think it's a waste of money because eventually you are going to need to delete them. You'll need space or something like that and you'll be losing that money just like that. If it's not tangible I won't...
  10. Pink_Turtle

    How does gaming affect your personal life?

    I hate when my boyfriend plays phone games when he is with me, so it does affect me in some way. It's okey if we play together and bond with it but if it's just getting in the way I don't like it that much...
  11. Pink_Turtle

    Start disliking a game

    It happen to me recently with candy crush! I use to love that game and played it every day for at least an hour or two. I was in a really high level and I couldn't complete it. After a while I managed to complete it but it was turning repetitive and I ended up deleting the game... Maybe later I...
  12. Pink_Turtle

    Any tips or tricks to keep a clan well integrated?

    I didn't especify any game, it was a general question... I agree with you especially with the bonding activities and meetings through skype, zoom or others. I use to play RPG with a group of friends on saturdays and we always bought pizzas and share after we finished playing. It was a great group.
  13. Pink_Turtle

    Qualities To Be A Great Clan Leader?

    You guys are right. I agree. Especially the part of being accessible and fair to the rest of the team. Also to be a great leader you need to be involve in the project entirely and to gain the respect of your team. Another one is : being a team player!
  14. Pink_Turtle

    Qualities To Be A Great Clan Leader?

    Hi guys! We've been discussing a lot about lidership in a clan and we all agree it's hard work but ... what do you think are the qualities a clan leader needs to have? how the be great? how not to die trying?
  15. Pink_Turtle

    What do you like the most about being a clan leader?

    hahahaha Yes, sometimes it can really be stressful and overwhelming but as Jerick said there's also a good feeling of "command", "power" and a lot of privileges I guess. There are also a LOT of responsabilities and I think it's just a matter of balancing all that to make a good leader.
  16. Pink_Turtle

    Any tips or tricks to keep a clan well integrated?

    Hey guys! so as most of you know a lot of clans end up dissolved because of lack of interest or differences between the members but do you know the ultimate master key to keep them running? I mean do you know any tips or tricks to make them last? How to keep a clan well integrate? Share your...
  17. Pink_Turtle

    Have you ever been in a clan with people from different countries?

    Exactly! that's the point! becoming a well-rounded member of society by blending or mixing with other cultures, learning and interacting with them. I think at the end a group that interacts a lot is the ultimate goal because they'll function better and are less likely to dissolve.
  18. Pink_Turtle

    Are games better with or without clans?

    Definitely talking about your family and job will bond the group more and more until they become a sort of weird family xD. You are right! They also can give you really great advices when it comes to gaming and that's the ultimate point -apart from sharing- when it comes to it.
  19. Pink_Turtle

    Strained eyes while playing games

    You're welcome! well infection got nothing to do with the time you are playing. Maybe you scratch your eyes when you play and the keyboard is a little dirty? yes, but infection happens from microorganism that invade your body somehow so maybe you should clean the keyboard and try some tears with...
  20. Pink_Turtle

    How quickly do you go through headsets?

    this brand! I don't know if it's good or what, that's what it says in the side. I just know they work just fine for me ;). Yes, I can hear sounds from outside after all they are pretty old but I don't care too much about it. I'm going to keep using them until they die lol