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    Using Cheats

    Hate using cheats, used to bot on several mmorpgs though but only because I couldn't be bothered to grind monsters for 12 hours so I let my bot do it for me.
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    Should I buy Diablo 3?

    You buy it off the blizzard website, cost me around £16 or so if I remember correctly.
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    Who are your favorite Streamers?

    I watch a lot of SivHD on youtube, shame it's stopped uploading videos recently. :(
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    Returning a game you bought?

    Returned a few on steam that I bought on a whim but it's a rarity, I usually always do some research before I buy a game.
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    Hardest game you have ever played?

    Used to play a mmorpg called Tibia, was absolutely lethal. If you died you lost like 12 hours work. Think that game gave me a mild version of PTSD
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    Why are you playing Unturned?

    Played it a couple times but never really got into it.
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    Last film you watched ?

    Just saw Sully, brilliant film and would recommend it.
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    Streaming (Twitch.tv , etc)

    Been watching a lot of streamers but have never started doing it, I want to but just seems like quite a bit of effort haha
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    How possessive are you for your games?

    Quite possesive of my computer, only trust one of my best friends with it but in terms of lending games, not really fussed assuming they don't break them.
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    Comfort food

    Don't really have a comfort food but I'm a massive drinker of Coke zero, can't get enough of it
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    The new guy

    Hello! Welcome to the forum :)
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    Should I buy Diablo 3?

    Was playing online, completed the acts in around 7 hours and then smashed out adventure mode, around 320 paragon currently.
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    Steam Summer Sale: 2017

    I agree, although I will some of the scenes in it big you up for something which never happens which I found disappointing.
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    From a small town in Bedfordshire, where abouts are you from? and thanks!
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    How Far Can You Go Just to Play Your Favorite Mobile Game?

    Never really got into phone games besides playing clash of clans a couple of years back, would be nice to find a mobile game I just couldn't get off though, as it's portable haha
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    Do you still use PC for playing games?

    I used to play 360 a lot back in day but after I bought a gaming PC I wouldn't even really consider getting a console, PC's are just better in general especially at top tier.
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    Should I buy Diablo 3?

    I bought it the other day and couldn't get off of it, my only problem with it is that after a couple days of in-game time it becomes quite tedious to grind all the time. Always good to go back to it though.
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    Stumbled upon this forum whilst browsing and looks pretty sweet so decided to join. 21 from the UK and a massive League of legends and PUBG player. See you around!