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  1. Rebelssis

    Who Do You Think Is The Most Annoying Champion In Urf?

    I know all the champions deal tons of damage when in URF mode, but there ones that are just killing machines. If you give them just two kills, you will give an advantage that will cost you really expensive. In my case, I would say it’s Miss Fortune. I main her, so I know her potential. Dude, she...
  2. Rebelssis

    Is it hard to be the Support?

    Just like you, I main ADC champion and when it's my turn to play as support, my main goal is to keep my carry alive. Of course, denying vision and warrantying vision gets my focus. On the other hand, the thing gets rough when you support a carry player who thinks your shield makes them...
  3. Rebelssis

    Do You Think That League Of Legends Will Ever Die?

    Honestly, I expect it will happen one day, but not in a near future. Its popularity is constantly raising. I mean, every day I see lots of new people joining LoL, and let's be honest: the game is highly addictive. Plus, it is constantly releasing new content that is pretty attractive: new...
  4. Rebelssis

    What game got you into PC gaming world?

    One of the first games that started me into this world were Warcraft and Sacred. Also Grand Deft Auto Vice City and The Sims. I remember I used to spend a lot of time on my computer playing all of these games with my brother and cousins.
  5. Rebelssis

    Nidalee or Fizz? Who would win?

    I’d go for Fizz. He’s got more constant damage with his the passive of his W. When he hits you, it’s highly probable you’ll die. His ulti deals tons of damage too… and his kill pressure makes you play really passive, so he might get a better farming than you… And, dude, his mobility! He moves as...
  6. Rebelssis

    Which Champion Is Currently The Most Broken?

    For me, it is Zac. He is THE secret weapon. Oh my, his ganks are really heavy! His amount of CC is out of this world. Is really annoying when I’m stomping my lane (I main ADC and support) and he appears and takes us under the turret with his ulti. The worst comes when you try to run away but he...
  7. Rebelssis

    Name the game you've replayed years and years..

    There are a few games that I still play over and over again actually. One of them is LoZ: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Also Banjo-Tooie and of course a few Mario games such as Mario Kart from Nintendo 64 console but in an emulator. I really like to play Pokemon Stadium too, and I've been...
  8. Rebelssis

    What Is Your Favorite Skin Theme?

    You know League of Legends offers us those fantastic skins with some details shared among some champions, like the Arcade (Sona, Corki, Ezreal…) and Star Guardian (Jinx, Miss Fortune, Lux…) themes. What is your favorite? Personally, I love the Arcade theme because of many reasons. First, I like...
  9. Rebelssis

    The new Urgot

    That rework is insane! His arsenal makes Jinx's repertory look like a silly collection of old toys. He deals a hell of damage with his skills. His passive is an almost guaranteed kill. Plus, his ultimate is like a scene from a horror movie. Honestly, this rework has made him a broken champion.
  10. Rebelssis

    Favorite Nintendo Console?

    My favorite Nintendo Console is the Nintendo 64. That brings me so many memories from my childhood and the games were just so cool for that time. Of course, I like the Wii console too, but I just prefer to stay with the Nintendo 64. Although now with the technology I have to play with an...
  11. Rebelssis

    Last Game Played?

    The last game I played was Banjo-Tooie in a Xbox360 a few months ago. It was cooler than with the emulator, but I'll stay with the emulator because the Xbox is now broken!
  12. Rebelssis

    With which champion did you do your first pentakill?

    It was with Twitch. The rat was the first champion I mained. When I first played him, I found him really fun to play with. It was in the middle of Season 6. One month later, I nailed my lane phase, so I went mid to help Twisted Fate. Then, the whole team went there. I thought: "It's now or...
  13. Rebelssis

    What are your thoughts about Rakan?

    Personally, I love Rakan. When I go ADC and a good Rakan player supports me, my lane phase is very solid and safe. His His engage is terrific and his ultimate is simply fantastic in TF. Plus, his mobility is awesome! If you want to have fun, make sure you have a good Rakan player in your team.
  14. Rebelssis

    What is your favorite Nintendo 64 game?

    When I was a kid I remember my brother had a Nintendo 64 console, and I used to play a lot Super Mario games. The one I really liked was Mario Kart. But my favorite games were Banjo-Tooie and LoZ:OoT! Those two are still my favorite games. Actually, I have an emulator on my computer and those...
  15. Rebelssis

    Champion that you hate playing against the most?

    MAOKAI. Gosh, that haunted living tree drives me crazy! Those little... seeds (?) are really annoying, and his amount of CC is a headache! Also, it takes tons of damage to kill him. For me, he is extremely stressful to play against.
  16. Rebelssis

    You can be one champion for a day, who do you pick?

    I'd love to be Jinx. That girl knows how to have fun. Plus, who wouldn't love to have a highly varied arsenal at their service? Fishbones and those lovely Flame Chompers would be nice toys to play with! Also, imagine you activate your passive! Nobody would be able to catch you while you're...
  17. Rebelssis

    Do you rather play alone? Or with friends?

    It depends on my mood. To be honest, my friends who play LoL are really bad at playing. They feed like tomorrow does not exist and do not follow my advice... Sometimes, I do not care about winning at all; I just want to have fun. Other days, I feel very frustrated about their mistakes. This...
  18. Rebelssis

    What is your favorite Legend of Zelda game?

    There's no doubt that my favorite Zelda games are Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. I remember that I used to play those games in my brother's Nintendo 64 and I didn't like to go through the temples, I just played around with Epona in Hyrule. And I didn't even try with Majora's Mask because I...
  19. Rebelssis

    Favorite Game?

    I must say that my favorite games are Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask!