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  1. anaatef9

    Swiss system

    I agree with that statement. However, when considering how much time it would take for every single team to play each other in a BO3 instead of a BO1 can get expensive. Taking into consideration the technical difficulties and the time these tournaments take, I feel it could get out of hand. This...
  2. anaatef9

    Are you more likely to play Minecraft alone or with others?

    I don't enjoy single player Minecraft. I feel like Minecraft was designed so that you can share your creations with your friends or even strangers. In addition to that, playing mini games for me is very fun. Therefore, I used to prefer to play Minecraft online rather than single player.
  3. anaatef9

    What franchise would you like to see in a Telltale series?

    I would love to see Dexter (tv show not the cartoon) as a Telltale game. I just feel like playing as the character Dexter would be the best thing ever. Relating and understanding his complex emotions would be a core part of the game. Being able to recreate the ending and having the ability to...
  4. anaatef9

    Rate Minecraft out of 10? i need to know before i download it..please

    If you are getting the PC version, I would say it is a solid 8/10. Minecraft offers a wide variety of gameplay options once you download it. You can start to play regular single player survival just to get the basic mechanics of the game. From then, you can move on to playing anything. You can...
  5. anaatef9

    Is PC/Online gaming the wave of the future?

    Pc gaming is just so far ahead of console gaming. There are some factors that contribute to this. You get so much more than just games when purchasing a PC In terms of customization and multitasking PC is far ahead PC gaming allows you to obtain the newest technologies without the need to...
  6. anaatef9

    What started it all?

    My first gaming console was the Sega where I played Super Mario amongst other games. However, I would say the game that made me like gaming is FIFA 10 on the ps3. That is the game where I understood why I like games, the rush of winning. I love playing online games and winning. There is nothing...
  7. anaatef9

    Is there anyone waiting for Call of Duty : World War II ?

    I have stopped playing COD ever since COD ghost and I think this COD might just be a good one, I used to love following the pro scene of COD and since COD stopped being boots on the ground it has created a random element that just makes the scene unenjoyable. I think with this call of duty the...
  8. anaatef9

    Swiss system

    What are your opinions on most of the cs go big tournaments using the Swiss system format? The Swiss system is the format used in most of today's CS GO tournaments. Ever since its implementation, it has been controversial. It offers a much bigger chance for underdog teams to make it to the...
  9. anaatef9

    Are you with or against paying real-world money for virtual items in games ?

    In my opinion, real-world currency should only be used for aesthetics in games. It should not affect the performance or your ability to win an online game based on how much you paid. Real competitive games take this approach and it is fantastic. The whole micro transactions for skins or visuals...
  10. anaatef9

    Why do you think Minecraft has become so popular?

    In my opinion, Minecraft became so popular because of youtube content. Mini-games and Survival Multiplayer is the core of Minecraft on youtube. With YouTubers creating funny, entertaining and interactive content the Minecraft community grew large.
  11. anaatef9


    It is true the CS:GO match-making has some cheaters. When comparing the number of cheaters to the number of people playing the game it is not that big as people seem to make it. However, smurfing is when higher level players go to the lower ranks and play casually; That is commonly spread in...
  12. anaatef9

    Favorite PS2 Game?

    I am not sure which but it was a Jacki-chan game. I enjoyed watching the cartoon as a child and being able to imitate it in the game was amazing. I am certain it was not game of the year in terms of graphics or gameplay but I enjoyed it.
  13. anaatef9

    Which Do You Think Is The Best Between Fifa And Pes?

    I feel like PES is better for offline play. The game's online system is a bad imitation of FUT ultimate team. However, the offline play in PES is good. FIFA owning the rights to the EPL is frustrating when playing exhibition matches. The game isn't realistic but it is fun. With all that being...
  14. anaatef9

    Free games vs Paid games?

    It all depends. In my personal experience, I feel like paid games receive more updates on a regular basis to keep the fan base engaged. In addition to that, I feel like free games developers depend solely on micro transactions or advertisements to generate revenue.Both methods of revenue...
  15. anaatef9

    Games you would like to see..

    I love the flash series! I agree with you a game based on the character would be amazing. I would love if it was a story based game and not a superhero action fighting game. Just thinking about the possibilities of playing different time lines as side-missions gives me the chills. I would...
  16. anaatef9

    What is the next step for FIFA games?

    I believe the next step for FIFA is for EA to start being honest with the community and start giving out statistics. For example, I want to know what the ball control stat means and what it does in-game. Players like Smalling should not be the best defender in the game and definitely should not...
  17. anaatef9

    Were you ever in Silver? How long did it take you to get out?

    I never went to silver but I was definitely close. My lowest rank was Gold Nova 1. To get out of my slump and start winning a lot more, I started playing deathmatch for at least 30 minutes before going into a competitive game.
  18. anaatef9

    How much money?

    I am not 100% certain but I would say it is in the range of 1000$. This includes 2 gaming consoles and games. I don't buy DLC or use micro transactions. I would say that amount is spent on the range of 7 years of console gaming.
  19. anaatef9

    Leaving a game?

    I only leave games if it is absolutely necessary. For example, going to pick up an order that arrives. If I have to do a quick chore or turn off the oven. I try to delay as much as possible though so I don't ruin the game for the other players.
  20. anaatef9

    What Team Do You Play in FIFA?

    I enjoy playing with Real Madrid. As a supporter of the team in real life and a big fan of fast paced FIFA play, I feel like they are a perfect choice. I enjoy playing counter-attack and having Ronaldo and Bale on the wings is a huge advantage. In addition to that, I enjoy performing skill...