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  1. Empire

    Free Steam Games

  2. Empire

    Do you wait for discounts?

    You need to know what you are doing and have good amount of knowledge on the front and back end, and also server end. Like dealing with DNS and emailing and error on the server. Yet again with WordPress and other free software, they made it so easy now. Link in my sig
  3. Empire

    Windows 7 or Windows 10?

    there me an point in time to move to windows 10. I like 10 however privacy in that OS is an no go for me. 7 you feel safe that no one is spying on you lol
  4. Empire

    Your computer & gaming

    Build my desktop 5 years ago, cost $2K back then and over the years I had to replace an power supply as it started and more storage like an 500GB SSD. And till this day still runs on high settings it's fast and I still going good with it
  5. Empire

    Do you wait for discounts?

    I do that anyway. I did won ATS and some good amount of DLCs that came with it over the years and I even listen to an radio station for ETS2 trucking and got an DLC. I'm also an admin of another forum and I tend to do giveaway's also.. LOL I win games and then use the games to do my own...
  6. Empire

    Hi everybody

    Welcome and O hope that you can stay with us more longer then you thought. Have fun and see you around buddy :)
  7. Empire

    Hello rebels!

    Hello and welcome to the gaming site, :)
  8. Empire

    Steam gaming codes from PayPal sometimes don't work

    buying codes or other keys isn't an good safe way to go, unless you have an trusted website that has the real deal logo or whatever. I got scram once and I Was glad it was very cheap of under $5 and till this day I can not get my money back
  9. Empire

    Steam Summer Sale: 2017

    You only got one game then? well if you got more then it would of saved you waiting to the next big sale you know
  10. Empire

    Test your Internet Speed

    on Wifi
  11. Empire

    Post your desktop!

  12. Empire

    Android Phones?

    running windows phone here :(
  13. Empire

    Windows 7 or Windows 10?

    Been using windows 7 since the day that it got released and I had my HP laptop. When 10 came out I upgraded my gaming laptop right away that had windows 8 and a year later my desktop had an clean windows 10 pro installed. My desktop had windows 7 ultimate beforehand. Both are good, yet 7 is...
  14. Empire

    What is your favorite browser?

    For the best 5 or even long 10 years I been using Chrome. Even at collage I downloaded chrome to use and so it remembers all my details and website that I use allot other then working my balls of to get my work in. Easy to use and more cleaner has more plugin options, like BetterTV or avast...
  15. Empire

    What Console Do You Use The Most?

    that's some good amount of years of using it. I had mine for 2 to 3 months before it went into the bin :(
  16. Empire

    Games you still play?

    When I had PS2 back in the day I only had 4 games and it wasn't easy that I had to keep on restarting since I can not save the game as I hadn't had a save stick. three of them are GTA and rest James bond games :)
  17. Empire

    What games do you currently play?

    I haven't got into much gaming this week since we had the family came over and keep on going shopping and so that puts off allot of my darn time to stream. All I Able to do was ETS2 for 2 hours or so. But I will get to do GTA5, trains sim, ETS2 and ATS and other list of good amount of games like...
  18. Empire


    stream is apart of our life, lol it's one of the biggest platform and network for gaming. End of the day there aren't many and if you want to able to game then steam is the best option other then orgin. One day the disc versions won't be around anymore since the online world of download content...
  19. Empire

    Do you wait for discounts?

    Yes I use that site and I also use steamgifts, yet I never win nothing from that site since I join back in the old days
  20. Empire

    Streaming (Twitch.tv , etc)

    I used to do allot of YouTube gaming videos as you can do more creating content and add affects then the videos gets uploaded and you have the video online for ever as for streaming you don't get that. However as google changes and time goes on, it's more harder to get earnings and it's started...