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    Sharon here!

    welcome to the forum!
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    welcome to the forum!
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    Best win ?

    back in the day I won a portable CD player in a raffle
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    If you could be a character ?

    commander shepard from mass effect
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    You turn into the above users avatar, What do you do?

    go shoot bad guys
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    go and steal an exotic car and just drive around
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    AWZ Here

    hello welcome to the forum
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    Last TV Show Watched

    pawn stars lol you learn about stuff on there
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    Hey I'm htb24!

    hi welcome to the site
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    Erm, Hi

    welcome again lol
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    Call of Duty: Ghosts Copy & Paste Modern Warfare 2 Ending

    this is sad shows no effort
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    700 Posts

    good job! that takes some time
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    Top 5 Games

    1. borderlands 2 2. dark souls 2 3. black ops 2 4. black ops 1 5. gears of war 3
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    Catcher Hits Batter

    maybe the guy deserved it
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    Last thing you ate & drank

    toast and strawberries
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    Last TV Show Watched

    breaking bad its a good show
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    A Very Basic Logo

    nice effects i like it :)
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    600 Posts

    good job on the posts
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    JTAG Here

    hello jtag and welcome
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    The Flash

    i like super power shows so maybe i will give it a view