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  1. manmad

    What do you ...

    Well, the most important thing for me is in what mood I am, I generally pick games based on their genre, depending on how I feel and what I want to play, then I start choosing subcategories and looking at the worlds they offer.
  2. manmad

    What Are Your Thoughts On Split Pushing

    Are you more of a team fighter person or do you like soloing a lane and allowing your team to win bigger fights ?
  3. manmad

    Moments in games where you just want to smash the controller

    What I really hate is, when playing single player games and there are no check points, you die in some stupid way and you have to start the level all over again. I've had such moments in DMC 4 for example, I seriously hate when you have to do something over and over again just because of stupid...
  4. manmad


    I've played most MMO's when I was a kid, so I didn't really want to make my parents pay for games, so I generally played f2p. That includes all kinds of private servers and other F2P MMO's. Now that I'm older, I prefer playing in the main servers, because it's not really that expensive to pay...
  5. manmad

    How Do You Cope With Low Battery When Playing

    You always gotta keep your phone charged to 100% if you wanna play some games on it, you never know when you might need your phone, so you should always have some battery for this and that. I'm not much of a mobile gamer, but I definitely use apps that drain a lot of battery, so I usually always...
  6. manmad

    What's The Most Overated Game You Have Ever Played

    Assassin's creed. To be fair the game isn't really that bad and it is kinda unique, but for some reason it's just too stale for me and kinda boring, especially the scenes where you have to play as Desmond where he isn't an assassin. Yeah, the story's cool and it's nice that it features realistic...
  7. manmad

    Any Good Detective Games?

    Check out - "Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth". It's a exactly what you are looking for, it's mysterious, but the same time it's thrilling and dynamic at the same time. It's obviously about the Lovecraft universe, looking at the game. I won't spoil much, I can guarantee that it's going...
  8. manmad

    Champion that you hate playing against the most?

    Haha, didn't expect other people to mention Darius. I seriously hate playing Darius top, because early game he is just insane and if you allow him to get the first blood then he snowballs like craazy. I like playing a lot of champions and most of them are countered by Darius. Well, he does have...
  9. manmad

    Your Thoughts On The Rise Of Facebook Games?

    Facebook games are there just to drift away your attention span from more important stuff and even bigger games. They are made just so you can multi-task and keep a certain part of your brain entertained, the one that likes collecting stuff and accomplishing daily goals, other than that they are...
  10. manmad

    With which champion did you do your first pentakill?

    I don't remember my first pentakill, but I remember my most memorable one, we were playing ranked with some friends 5v5 and decided to go all mid. I was playing Tryndamere, which was crazy enough on it's own and we actually whooped them hard, because they didn't expect us to charge them mid, I...
  11. manmad

    Favourite Online Game OF ALL TIME!

    It's really hard to pick the favorite online game of all time, but due to us being in the MMO section, I'd say that it's WoW, I've spent so much time playing World of Warcraft and I've had such great times with friends and actually meeting other people. WoW is possibly the only game that's made...
  12. manmad

    What do you prefer GTA V on? Console or PC?

    The fun thing about the PC version is definitely the mods, but it's a whole new thing when playing on console, because it's way more comfortable that way, just chilling on your couch or whatever with the pad in your hands. So I actually prefer playing it on console, even though the PC version...
  13. manmad

    Last Game Played?

    Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, it's to good to relive some past memories from this game and generally the whole Tony Hawk series, I've recently started skating again irl, so I was thinking of playing the games and here I am having fun with them.
  14. manmad

    What are your favorite online arena games?

    MOBA's have been changing drastically in the past years, due to the huge interest, but my favorite one remains LoL a lot people would complain calling it a "kiddy game, or one that requires no skill, but that's obviously false. It is dynamic and rewarding, due to the IP system, cause it feels...
  15. manmad

    Best console ever?

    Easy question. It is a matter of personal choice, but a lot of people would agree that PS2 is the best console that has ever come out and it proved that it's not the graphics that make the game, but the games themselves. PS2 has so many games, that every person can name 10 different ones that...
  16. manmad

    Which MMORPG are you playing?

    Even so many years after it's release, I'm still playing WoW, it is the only MMO(probably with Lineage 2) that has stuck with me to this day, there hasn't been any other MMO that would make me constantly install it again after deleting it over and over and over. It is the perfect MMO for me...
  17. manmad

    What's Your Favorite GTA Title?

    San Andreas is my favorite one, because it came out at an important time for me when growing up. I have some unforgettable times I've spent with my friends play SA:MP and before it existed we played it on console and it was great. The new GTA's have their pluses too of course, the gameplay is...
  18. manmad

    Favorite Game?

    This is definitely a hard one, but since Mass Effect 3 came out, it has left a strong impression on me, everything about it is great, the story, the gameplay and even the graphics. The action is dynamic and the story is intriguing. It also has replay value, which is also great, if you are fan of...