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  1. Miller

    Garry's Mod Lua Ideas

    Well i've got so much time on my hands and nothing to develop anymore. I need ideas what to make. Wether it's an item, gamemode or basically anything thats done by mainly lua. Please give me ideas and i'll probably do it.
  2. Miller

    Hi, I'm Miller

    Well I'm a vet now. So it's gonna be abit more on the special end of doggos
  3. Miller

    Hi, I'm Miller

    I'll make another millers doggos and no I just had no computer lmao
  4. Miller

    Hi, I'm Miller

    So Hello, My name is Miller, the edgy lua coder. I've been apart of I guess somewhat you could call this community. First playing on ASG Clonewars and been in and out ever since. I just kinda float around and will be on cw soon because my computer is almost done. Don't know who's still here that...
  5. Miller

    I want to die. Hby?

    I want to die. Hby?
  6. Miller


    FALSE MACE Also Hi Scotty
  7. Miller

    Diver's GTA V Vehicle Showcase Competition

    Oh shit yea I'm in. I'll do it asap
  8. Miller

    41st Mustachio Squad

    Hell yea. Definitely needed
  9. Miller

    What Foreign Language should I take?

  10. Miller

    Todays My Birthday

    Don't know if anyone cares but ukno
  11. Miller

    Charger's Ban Appeal

    +1 BringBackMyNiggerChargerIMeanChargerZ
  12. Miller

    My Status For Confused People

    When I'm not lazy because korjak can't code God bless Korjak
  13. Miller

    My Status For Confused People

    Close those arms gay c*nt
  14. Miller

    My Status For Confused People

    Currently got heapsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss of shit going on. I'm still around to dev but I don't go ingame on any servers currently or for a wee while. I'm still on TS if you need to talk with me but won't be on CW, CityRP or FN ingame for a wee bit. But I will still be managing CityRP...
  15. Miller

    Suggestion Addback "Bad Spelling" Rating

    Grammar Nazi master race! Bring it back
  16. Miller

    CityRP Suggestions

    Your pretty dumb tbh
  17. Miller

    CityRP Millers Current Ideas VS Your Opinions

    My ideas/What I currently plan on doing: Property System, rent a property for dirt cheap and disappears from your ownership when you disconnect. Furniture Store, buy props, store them in your inv, build only inside your house. Finishing the Joint/Blunt system. So you can get lung cancer...
  18. Miller

    CityRP Suggestions

    Perm houses won't be a thing. But i'm yet to even setup the house purchasing because i'm fucking lazy!
  19. Miller

    CityRP Suggestions

    Endless CityRP Suggestion Thread Comment Suggestions be a retard i'll whip yo ass CityRP Dev Credits: Miller: Main Coding Korjak: Did what he could for a Korjak LegendOfRobbo: Gave some shit from his old project.
  20. Miller

    CityRP Content

    Weed is good #LegalizeWeedWorldWide