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  1. Fordo

    Ask Smokey

    Vibe Check Murray!
  2. Fordo

    im finesse

    im finesse
  3. Fordo

    Ask Smokey

    whats up
  4. Fordo

    Streaming RN!!!!

    Streaming RN!!!!
  5. Fordo

    Galactic Marine Elite

    This is really cool ASC
  6. Fordo

    Last film you watched ?

    I saw the most recent Thor movie and it was pretty good, kind of corny at parts though.
  7. Fordo

    Team Fortress Funny Moments

    Epic we should post some Delfy vids
  8. Fordo

    Team Fortress 3 ever happening?

    I don't think TF3 will ever happen because of how TF2 has been run. So many people would be angry if they lost their items. Just like if people lost their knives on CSGO
  9. Fordo

    Team Fortress Funny Moments

    Haha I like to find funny stuff about TF2. One of my favorite games
  10. Fordo

    The Best CPU For Gaming Right Now

    I like Intel for CPU's, I think they work very well with Nvidia GFX cards
  11. Fordo

    Battlegrounds the Movie

    Wow that looked really cool!
  12. Fordo

    Game Shop v2.1

    Whoop whoop
  13. Fordo

    Hallow's End: The Horseman's Reins

    Lemme pick that shit up
  14. Fordo

    How do you Guys think the new Star Wars movie will be?

    I'm always excited for a new Star Wars movie, however my excitement definitely deflated after The Force Awakens. Seeing all the new trailers and shit, it's obviously a Star Wars time when you hear everyone getting hyped up with Battlefront, Disney airing the prequels and originals on TNT, and...
  15. Fordo

    Scotty's Story Competition! #7 (Ended)

    Any specific length?
  16. Fordo

    Denied Fordo's Teamspeak Moderator Application

    The best time for me would be this upcoming weekend.
  17. Fordo

    Denied Fordo's Teamspeak Moderator Application

    REQUIREMENTS (any questions please refer them to Fallenpyro/Sparks Or Skips) You are to be the age of 16+:emoji_heavy_check_mark: Teamspeak activity must be of a substantial amount of time.:emoji_heavy_check_mark: MUST BE KNOWLEDGEABLE OF THE TEAMSPEAK RULES:emoji_heavy_check_mark: Must...
  18. Fordo

    Can I get some feedback on my tracks?

    FL Studio is mad good, if you wanna change you can try Ableton too.
  19. Fordo

    Can I get some feedback on my tracks?

    What software do you use?