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  1. blackcanary

    Pokemon Games

    The first Pokémon game I ever played was Yellow back in the day. I was really young and never finished it unfortunately. I also dabbled with Gold/Silver too although I wasn't really into the games that much. I watched the animé all the time though. I got back into it at Platinum and really...
  2. blackcanary

    How much time do you spend playing games on mobile?

    Recently I've gotten more into mobile gaming although for me it comes and goes. Once in awhile I'll download a mobile game which I really enjoy playing and play it a lot. But eventually I tend to get bored of it and just stop playing entirely. I only play in small increments because the...
  3. blackcanary

    What's your take on Dragon Age : Inquisition?

    I'm quite enjoying the game! I've played some of Origins as well although I haven't finished it completely and have yet to play DA:2. The world is huge and there is a ton of places to explore, it looks really great as well. The k/m controls really aren't the greatest at all and do take quite a...
  4. blackcanary

    The Legend of Zelda Series

    Thanks for the suggestion! I'm not totally 100% familiar with the games in the series so I suppose I only mentioned Majora's Mask because it's the newest. I actually haven't seen Ocarina of Time at my local game shop I suppose due to it being older it's probably just not displayed out the front...
  5. blackcanary

    Game you can't stop playing

    My vote would definitely be for Civ V too! No matter how many games I play they're always different and all very enjoyable. I haven't quite put in your number of hours, I have put in about 300 hours of game-play so far. I haven't even fully finished games as half of the civs and haven't quite...
  6. blackcanary

    The Legend of Zelda Series

    I've only played a couple of Zelda games, the first being on the Game Boy which I don't 100% remember. But I picked up A Link Between Worlds last year and I really enjoyed it. Adventure type games aren't the type I usually play but I've been trying more out recently and A Link Between Worlds...
  7. blackcanary

    What's your opinion of "Freemium" Mobile Games?

    Quite a significant chunk of mobile games are in the 'freemium' category and there are a lot of negative views of such games. However they're probably the games in the mobile market that currently make the most money, Clash of Clans and Candy Crush make their developers millions each year...
  8. blackcanary

    Planning to upgrade to the New 3DS?

    I've personally owned my 3DS for years now, it's one of the original ones and I got it a few months after it came out which much have been I guess about 4 years ago? I'm not planning on upgrading just yet although it would be nice to get a XL 3DS, the screen on the normal version can be quite...