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  1. luispas

    What are your thoughts about Rakan?

    I think I would say the same as Imaqtpie: Rakan is a Leona with a dessangage. I really like him because on how mobile it is, and has a great kit of abilities, he heals, give shields, stuns enemies, it's just amazing. I feel blessed that in my current elo people don't play him very often, so I...
  2. luispas

    Favorite Ps1 Games?

    The Playstation 1 was the console that got me into games, and it made me what I am right now. Some of my great childhood memories were with my PS1, my 2 brothers and I bought it to our cousin for a really great price, and she also had a lot of games that we used to start. I can honestly say that...
  3. luispas

    Have you ever been banned?

    LOL I can understand how it was, thanks God my friends always told me how was the game and the things I should do or the ones I had to avoid. I'm thinking right now that LoL was my first MOBA too :eek: all the games I played before were so simple. In conclusion, we won't leave our team mates...
  4. luispas

    Have you ever been banned?

    Hello @Gladdy this is an interesting topic. I've been banned a few times when I was starting to play League and it was because I had internet issues on those days, so the LeaverBuster always put me out of the game, then I was forced by the to enter on the low priority queue. It was horrible to...
  5. luispas

    Do you buy items in mobile games?

    That's the thing, and I hate it too, it feels so unfair and obviously one can lose the joy to play the game. I only use money on a MOBA, which is League of Legends, and just to buy skins because it's the only way to do it. I feel that it's an investment and besides I don't have any advantage...
  6. luispas

    Forcing Ganks

    Well, you have to be careful while you're jungling, I think it's the most difficult lane. To make a gank you have to be sure that it will be beneficial for your team, but remember that there's a probability that the enemy jungle gank the same lane as you. I think the best option it's so tell...
  7. luispas

    Why am I so bad at LoL?

    We all started being bad at League, don't worry. I was terrible, I didn't know how to farm properly, I died a lot, I brought so many useful items and more :emoji_joy: The things you need to do are: Focusing on being better, practice everyday, watch how the pro players play and try to repeat what...
  8. luispas


    I love playing rankeds, for me, they have much more live and entertain than a normal match, and I know it's only my point of view. The thing is that whenever I play a normal game, it doesn't matter for me if I'm so feed and I carry the game on my own, for be that won't last because one day it...
  9. luispas

    First game you bought?

    With my own money, my first game was: Crash Bandicoot (the hole series), my brothers and I saved money to buy a Playstation 1 and we also bought this game with a few more. But Crash was the most classic game, it was the funniest, we played it all the time and it never bored us. It's a shame that...
  10. luispas

    How often do you preorder games?

    I have to admit that I've never pre-ordered a game. I'm not obsessed with the new games, I rather to wait until they are realized, then people analyze them and make their own critics, also I like to watch game plays, after all these things and of course a deep searching, I can buy the game. I...
  11. luispas

    The best mobile game ever

    I have so many good games in mind, but the ones I can't let aside are: Plants vs Zombies, Clash Royale, Cut the Rope, Thomas was Alone. I highly recommend them, you should give it a try. I love the puzzles, so this ones are really entertain and fun, if you like puzzles, you definitely should...
  12. luispas

    Do you buy items in mobile games?

    No, I always thought that it was a waste of money, I know myself and I know that if I do something like that I would lose everything I buy just because I would easily leave the game to start playing another. So it's better for me to don't buy anything. Besides, I hate the "pay to win" games, you...
  13. luispas

    What game got you into PC gaming world?

    I was so young when I started playing on my computer. I can't clearly remember the games that got me into this world. I think that it was Starcraft, my uncle gave it to me as a gift and I was so excited to play it, but my mom didn't want me to play very often, she said that 45 minutes to play...
  14. luispas

    Nidalee or Fizz? Who would win?

    The one will win (I think) would be Fizz, he has so strong abilities, and he only needs to get one kill to be feed and starts snowbolling. For example, Bjergsen, the Mid laner of TSM it's a Fizz main, every time he plays him, he leave behind the enemy mid. I hate playing against one, it's horrible.
  15. luispas

    Champion that you hate playing against the most?

    I can't get over the memes from above :emoji_joy: The champion that I hate the most to play against would be Nautilus, whenever I'm on the opposite team of one, I end up loosing and it's so frustrating. That's why he's my #1 ban. The thing about him it's that he always build tank items, so he's...
  16. luispas

    Are you with or against paying real-world money for virtual items in games ?

    I think that I'm a very materialist person, I love to buy anything that calls my attention, of course if I have the money to do it. In games, it's harder for me to be able to spend money on anything they sell, I think I'm loosing my money, because I would probably will end up leaving the game. I...
  17. luispas

    Have you ever been in a clan with people from different countries?

    I love to do it, the most of my friends are from different countries, I've been in so many guilds and clans from around the globe and that's why I always search for a cool clan name, normally it has a lot of people from different Countries. The things I've learnt are words, how different we all...
  18. luispas

    How to counter Illaoi

    I think it was Pray or maybe Huni. I remember that the poor Illaoi couldn't do anything XD Irelia can beat her if she starts being aggressive since lvl1, you could watch videos from IreliaCarriesYou, he's a great player. With Riven I have my doubts, maybe Riven could win on late, I think.
  19. luispas

    Gaming Chairs

    You might be right :( now I'm a bit worry about my sitting posture. I want to know if I'm doing it right, because it looks simple, but maybe there's a better way to do it. Thank you for making me realize about this.
  20. luispas

    Do you dream about your game?

    Okay, sorry for that, I tend to react very bad. Talking about my dreams, yes, they are serious, sometimes what I dream ends up happening, it's something delicate. I'm not saying that my dreams about LoL could be very relevant but I still take them serious.