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  1. RivaCom

    Anyone familiar with AirMech?

    Wasn't this based off the Sega game?
  2. RivaCom

    What tools do you use?

    Maybe you can explain to me, To me, it seems like all games made with RPG Maker are going to be identical besides maybe some artwork. What drives people to continue to make games through it? I've never personally developed on it so was just curious.
  3. RivaCom

    New WoW Expansion Revealed!

    What else could they focus on? The issue is they only put enough content in for 5-6 months and stretch it to over a year. So were already hitting a wall too quick. Unfortunately Blizzard has kinda ruined many of the things that lengthened the game. They made everything more new player...
  4. RivaCom

    Windows 10

    Unfortunately, it's probably not windows 10, but something with you PC. Everything is editable so I'd recommend seeing what is taking up resources in task manager and going from there. After you turn off a few annoying things, it's actually faster then 7 and 8.
  5. RivaCom

    New WoW Expansion Revealed!

    That's how I am. I wish they would go back to vanilla where there was actual choices and it didn't cater to new players. But that's just me and being a EQ vet, i'll just have to wait until Pantheon is released. Blizz put in Guild housing!
  6. RivaCom

    Windows 10

    Wow, holy week long brain fart. You are correct =) Here is the link to the tool. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10
  7. RivaCom

    Question Competition Ideas

    You want it to be tournament based gaming? You can do 1v1, 2v2 tournaments in just about any game (Dayz, CSGO, TF2 etc) or even games like Hots. If you want more players, a F2P game might be wise.
  8. RivaCom

    Just Registered to Freelancer, any advice on how to attract customers?

    Another good site to start with is Fiverr.com You can offer cheap services with addtional services at different costs.
  9. RivaCom

    Windows 10

    Did i word that wrong? Bye pass maybe? It is free. Windows has a media creation tool that will instantly upgrade you.
  10. RivaCom

    Windows 10

    It's a rolling update so you could be yesterday, today, tomorrow. There are ways to buy pass it(a media creation tool) that will get the install going whenever you want.
  11. RivaCom

    Just Registered to Freelancer, any advice on how to attract customers?

    Honestly, as a Buyer. Show examples and demos. Similar to other Freelancer type sites, if I don't see any work previously done. I skip it.
  12. RivaCom

    Website owners, who is your webhost?

    Ohh gotcha. Good to know. Although after going from Shared to my own Servers, I don't think i'll ever touch shared again.
  13. RivaCom

    What's Your Favorite GTA Title?

    Did I play the same game? With some mods for GTA IV, it looks just as good if not better then V. Not to add, the R7 260x is a very low end card. It'll play the game but your going to have to sacrifice a lot. I like IV's story better but do really appreciate V's story as well.
  14. RivaCom

    Website owners, who is your webhost?

    Surprised you aren't running on your own servers Jordan.
  15. RivaCom

    #xboxorweriot, what are your thoughts on this?

    It's true, although maybe it's just because im old and remember the good old days where games had a little skill and thought put into them. Now it's all about who can wave the DLC the highest.
  16. RivaCom

    Your Favorite Youtuber?

    Smosh Games give me endless hours of fun.
  17. RivaCom

    Green Man Gaming Official Partner

    I think the bigger question is... why have you waited so long to play one of the greatest games of all times!
  18. RivaCom

    Is it even worth playing?

    Even with thebugs, the game is a blast. I think you have to remember that, this isn't the mod of Dayz, this is a completely different game.
  19. RivaCom

    Ever wanted a minecraft server built for you?!

    I'd fix those links before advertising.
  20. RivaCom

    Which MOBA game do you like the best?

    Not HotS? Maybe I only like HOTS because there isn't as much detail to do with it. As I'm already got that covered with MMO's. LoL never appealed to me.