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  1. zackd

    Favorite Xbox Game

    Any of those fantasy RPG is what I like, such as Destiny or Skyrim. I'd go with skyrim because it's just an all time great game.
  2. zackd

    Favorite Xbox Game

    I'd definitely have to go with Skyrim. Just everything about the game is amazing to me and I could get lost in it after a hard and stressful day.
  3. zackd

    Thoughts on the new Battlefield 4 update?

    I mean the updates actually have a purpose so I can't really complain. Unlike COD there's an actual reason behind the updates.
  4. zackd

    Thoughts on the new Battlefield 4 update?

    Haven't been a fan of the updates since I have XB1 and they take forever...Seems like since this post was made was made lol.
  5. zackd

    What are your favorite online arena games?

    I'm trying to expand my game collection and try new games out so what do you guys like to play?
  6. zackd

    Do you ever record your gaming?

    Can't believe I bought a whole setup to record. I got a PVR but I just don't have the drive due to school/work but someday I would love to start recording. Even though I got that Microsoft Sam voice haha.
  7. zackd

    Do you ever record your gaming?

    Rarely. Really want to get into broadcasting on YouTube and Twitch. Just need to get my act together and stop being lazy lol..
  8. zackd


    Hey everyone, I have been posting for a lil bit but I think I should properly introduce myself. Im a 21 year old male from Cleveland, OH. I been gaming for years and love sports games.
  9. zackd

    GTA vs Saints Row

    I like both games, however I do prefer GTA due to the fact that the storylines are a lot better. Saints Row seems as they don't try making a great product, at least not as great as GTA. Plus the online features makes GTA better.
  10. zackd

    How much money?

    I can't put an exact number but obviously thousands. Probably $4,000-$5,000 between all the games, the consoles themselves, accessories, etc. It's kinda shameful but at the same time it is something I love.
  11. zackd

    19 Things You Shouldn't Do in GTA 5

    Great post. I'll remember this when I play gta haha.
  12. zackd

    Sports commentators

    FIFA announcers are annoying but everything else about the game seems authentic and not cheap like madden and NBA live..
  13. zackd

    Anybody have Xbox One?

    Yup, can't wait until the new one comes out.
  14. zackd

    Renting games before buying?

    I'm usually a fan of this. I rarely buy new games and when I do I rent first.
  15. zackd

    Play a Cop In GTA?

    Dawg playing as a cop in GTA would be dumb lit. Even though it really wouldn't be much different than what I do normally, you know; like run over innocent pedestrians and punch random people in their face and rob them. But nothing can happen like you would just do your normal 1st degree murders...
  16. zackd

    PC or Console Gaming?

    I know PC Gaming is where it's at but I've never had the money or effort in me to do it, I want to build a beast PC someday and start to game on it but I've always been a console gamer. Xbox specifically, I'm not a huge gamer anymore as my real life stuff takes up more time but when I do have...
  17. zackd

    Xbox One banning for CURSING!?!

    I got banned for my username and it was dumb lmao. Xbox is like the damn fun police if you have a badass username and get attacked by 12 year olds but roast tf outta them you get banned lol. It isn't bad I just hate how they change your username to random letters and numbers though.
  18. zackd

    How many hours do you play a day?

    I usually play 1-2 hours now since I'm an adult and have responsibilities lol. But I used to be a legit avid gamer who played 4-5 hours a day in high school and college. I'm big into sports games and rpg's; it's totally normal for me to sit down at 7:00pm and pop in 2k or madden and the next...
  19. zackd

    Favorite Xbox Game

    I'd have to go with Skyrim. I remember the countless hours I'd spend up until 3 or 4 in the morning then realizing I had school in a couple of hours. The game is just addicting as hell and even though I barely play video games anymore, I do find myself spending a day off of work playing Skyrim...
  20. zackd

    Anyone own the old Halos still

    Old Halo's are the best, especially when you and your best friend were battling it out and when you own them they accuse you of "screen cheating", but I have the Xbox 360 and Halo 3. So when I'm bored, I'll pop in Halo 3 and reminisce all the old memories I had playing it as a pre-teen. Halo 3...