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  1. Fuzyon

    Java Or C#, Which Is Better For Game Developement

    If I had to choose between the two I would probably choose Java. The syntax is much simpler and you have many options for future development since you can also delve into mobile games.
  2. Fuzyon

    Do I need a good monitor for higher FPS?

    Definitely not a problem with your monitor. Your specs are quite outdated and that's why you're seeing lower fps. A monitor with a higher refresh rate would only be detrimental for you since you won't be able to reach those rates.
  3. Fuzyon

    Is Destiny 2 Beta Worth It?

    If I recall correctly you can still play the beta even if you don't own the game, but you'll have to wait a day more. Playing beta is definitely worth it, especially if it's free.
  4. Fuzyon

    What Console You Own Are You Surprised Is Still Working?

    My original PS1. I booted it up a couple of months ago after nearly a decade of not using it and it worked flawlessly. I even managed to play some classic Prince of Persia on it, it felt good! :D
  5. Fuzyon

    Your Thoughts On The Rise Of Facebook Games?

    I don't think people play games on Facebook that much anymore. A few years ago titles like Farmville or Joyrider were really popular but nowadays no one talks about them. Games on Facebook have been dying out in my opinion.
  6. Fuzyon

    What was the first PC game you ever played?

    I think it was Age of Empires II back when I got my first PC in the early 2000's. I remember one of my uncles deleting it by accident and I cried for a few days because I couldn't get it back. I still play it to this day actually!
  7. Fuzyon

    How Far Can You Go Just to Play Your Favorite Mobile Game?

    I'm this way with some of my PC games but never with a mobile one. I haven't found a game on my phone that manages to hold my attention for longer than a week so I'm still on the lookout for that! :D
  8. Fuzyon

    Have you used Android Emulators on your PC?

    I used them to test Android apps and the likes but never gamed on it. The performance is way too low to be able to play mobile games comfortably even on a high end setup like mine (GTX 1080 and R5 1600).
  9. Fuzyon

    Have you ever bought old consoles years after release?

    Except for the first Nintendo console I haven't bought old consoles. I bought the PS1 and PS2 in the year they were released and from then on I got into PC gaming and started building PCs on my own. It's not the worst idea to buy consoles years after if you think you can still enjoy yourself.
  10. Fuzyon

    Renting games before buying?

    Hah, most of the people that pirate games don't end up buying the games afterwards but I know some people that torrent titles to see if it would be worth to pay the money for multiplayer access.
  11. Fuzyon

    Most 'useless' game ever?

    So many games on my PC, but probably the worst instance is Metin 2. Around the 2008-2012 era I was incredibly keen on this game and played it for hours upon hours. The fact that Gameforge doesn't care about the game at all saddens me.
  12. Fuzyon

    Can you name a game that performs better on other platforms?

    Except for some ports that were really bad like GTA IV for example I don't think any games runs better on a console than a very good, top-of-the-line PC. The latter just has so much more power, you can't compare them.
  13. Fuzyon

    How often do you buy new games?

    Yup, I know about that. I've been selling CS:GO skins for a while now and managed to make a pretty buck. I don't really care about the skins, I'd rather have the money to buy new games instead.
  14. Fuzyon

    Losing Yourself (and Time) in the Game

    When I was a kid I used to play games all day, time would pass instantly while I was so focused on playing. Nowadays I'm an adult so I don't lose myself in the game since I have so many other responsibilities and things on my mind.
  15. Fuzyon

    How do you take losing when you were young?

    I used to get really mad and shout but I never actually broke anything. I think I'm more short-tempered today though which is really bad but other than a couple shouts I don't get that fused.
  16. Fuzyon

    Do you play FIFA for the story mode or just to fun?

    If by story mode you mean career mode I do like playing it, but once I discovered Football Manager I couldn't get into it anymore due to how many things were missing from it. Nowadays I just play Online Season and Ultimate Team.
  17. Fuzyon

    What is the next step for FIFA games?

    They need to add many more things to the game to make it realistic. Things like different gameplay tactics, VAR, assistant referees near the goal line etc. . They can also improve on the graphics and cinematics.
  18. Fuzyon

    Favorite music from which game?

    Prince of Persia: Warrior Within has the best soundtrack hands down. The dark theme coupled with the metal songs made for the best game of the trilogy.
  19. Fuzyon

    Why do you think Minecraft has become so popular?

    Because it's a simple game that doesn't require a lot of skill to enjoy. Also, both adults and kids enjoy the game since it's to intuitive and the creative options are limitless. It was also made viral by people playing it on YouTube.
  20. Fuzyon

    How often do you buy new games?

    I don't think I buy more than 5-10 games per year, mostly just the ones I find interesting or who are part of a franchise I've been following for a while. Most of the time I play games I already own like The Sims or CS:GO anyway.