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  1. emoxigh27

    Who Do You Think Is The Most Annoying Champion In Urf?

    I think it will be Sona. Unlimited power up, heal, and movement speed for her and her teammates :D I know because Sona is my favorite to play champ in URF. A support and a carry in one.
  2. emoxigh27

    Will PC gaming ever take over completely??

    I think it will still depend on the gamer. The word take-over is a possibility but as we know, there are still people who enjoy games using video consoles. I can agree that some games on the video consoles can now be played using desktops, but I know a lot of people who use Playstations and...
  3. emoxigh27

    What Is Your Favorite Skin Theme?

    I like Pentakill skins! :emoji_metal: Although I am not a rocker myself, I enjoy the music and the fashion of rockstars. I just think they're beautiful maybe because I like black colors, from dress to accessories. Whenever I see these skins, I remember the game Guitar Hero, I used to play that...
  4. emoxigh27

    Laptops or Desktops for gaming?

    For me, I'll go for desktops because you can upgrade it anytime you want. However, I am a laptop user and I can say that I am satisfied. My aunt brought this to me when I need it for my thesis and now I am using this for both surfing the internet and playing games. I think a laptop can also be...
  5. emoxigh27

    Why do you actually enjoy gaming?

    Why? Because it's entertaining! Games are my number one stress reliever because it's fun to play. It is also your best friend when you just want to pass the time or you just want to play it for no reason at all! In addition, socializing is one of the fun parts here. You can play it alone or...
  6. emoxigh27

    Who uses a laptop for gaming?

    I am using Toshiba C850 with Intel core i3, 4GB ram, and 500GB HDD. I use this for gaming and I say I'm a satisfied laptop user. However, last month I have a problem with the heating issue. I thought maybe I need to clean it from the inside and that's what I did. I watched on Youtube on how to...
  7. emoxigh27

    What's The First Game You Played On Pc

    That's my first game too! 3D Pinball was the most beautiful game I ever played when I was a kid. You don't even need an internet connection to play it! I remember playing it for hours. :D Unfortunately, we don't have our own computer when I was a kid, so I used to play it at our neighborhood's...
  8. emoxigh27

    Champion that you hate playing against the most?

    I hate going against Malphite. He really annoys me especially his build is pure AP. I really hate his R because sometimes it makes me surprised and the next thing I know, I am dead :D His Q also annoys me, you'll see your character struggling with its movement while Malphite is running around.