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  1. Toxique

    Which Game would you recommend Between Fortnite or PUBG?

    Havent played PUBG before but I have played Fortnite a few times with friends and I found it to be pretty fun, I like that you can different and destroy different objects around the map.
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  3. Toxique


  4. Toxique

    How do you think the world will end!!?

  5. Toxique

    Who is still active here?

    Who is still active here?
  6. Toxique

    Where are you guys from?

    United States of 'Merica
  7. Toxique

    go away spam bots

    go away spam bots
  8. Toxique

    How's it going?

    Haha! That's some good interests
  9. Toxique

    noob here. hey how ya doin?

    Hey welcome to the site
  10. Toxique

    Hello :) I'm new!

    Hello, welcome to GR~!
  11. Toxique

    Kino here

    Hey! Welcome to the forums
  12. Toxique

    900 Posts

  13. Toxique


    Welcome to the forums!
  14. Toxique

    Plague Inc. Evolved -- Let's Infect the World!

    It's a pretty fun game but I got bored of it pretty fast for some reason.
  15. Toxique

    Last Game Played?

    Team Fortress 2
  16. Toxique

    Last Game Played?

    Team Fortress 2
  17. Toxique

    What would you like to see?

    The useful links section in the footer needs to have something other than "Link Here" which in my opinion does not look very professional.
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  19. Toxique

    Hello all

    Welcome to GameRebels!