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  1. Aisha

    General Chat Thread

    It's going! Happy Mother's day :)
  2. Aisha

    General Chat Thread

    Certainly! Same haha. How are you ?
  3. Aisha

    General Chat Thread

    I hope you do too!
  4. Aisha

    What happens to senior citizens?

    They're usually considered the most wise and pillars of the community. We tend to stay living at our parents' homes for a long time, or otherwise build a house nearby or often even on the same land itself. We're really a very tight-knit community so. I personally don't know anyone who ended up...
  5. Aisha

    What can we do? (community/management)

    Hiya all! So, obviously we're back! However, while many of the veteran users and quite some new ones have popped up, it seems as though things remain rather quiet still. Which leads me to wonder -- what can we as a community to do make it more of a community again, and at the same time.. what...
  6. Aisha


    Is unemployment a great problem where you live now? Unfortunately but absolutely. It's rather hard to get a job around here - there isn't a whole lot of an economy, nothing of the sort where the money in the area would have any value outside of it. So most jobs don't really pay in money but...
  7. Aisha

    Preferred device

    Computer, always. I've never understood how people are able to look up anything using a tablet - I'll use my phone however if I'm loading into a game or just cannot get to my computer for a moment.
  8. Aisha

    Best at?

    Well I wouldn't say I'm the best per say at these games but I have certainly excelled at them enough to leave my friends and quite some randoms in the dirt. I think for me it's always been a matter of getting slightly obsessed with a game thus wanting to master it. They'd be games such as League...
  9. Aisha

    Toughts on piracy?

    > That's why most people don't pirate from idie devs Could certainly be true. I think it's more to do with the fact the general reach of indie developers is rather small in comparison, so it's less likely that it'll attract the ''bad crowd'' of gamers. It's generally a more tight-knit community...
  10. Aisha

    Anyone had hands on with the Steam Deck?

    I didn't even know this was a thing for the longest time. I kind of want it because it looks sleek, but I'm also just.. more of a PC gamer now anyways. Or PS/xbox.. I don't know, hand held consoles just make my neck and back hurt before even using them!
  11. Aisha

    About J cole

    I feel bad I hadn't a clue who he was!
  12. Aisha

    Toughts on piracy?

    To a point - certainly. Whether we agree to companies overcharging for literally everything or not, it's ''fair game''. They're allowed to, whether we like it or not. I think we'd be about the same upset to find someone stealing from our little corner shop and stuff, you know? In general I just...
  13. Aisha

    Any ideas for unique gifts?

    What's it meant to be for? A special occasion, wife, girlfriend, best friend, husband etc. I think the uniqueness of a gift kind of depends on the receiver. Something that may be unique in your eyes may be completely regular to another. :D
  14. Aisha

    What is the best mod in the workshop?

    I honestly have used things pertaining to ArmA more than anything. I like some of the missions people have made and all that - same for the many different sets of gear and custom items.
  15. Aisha

    Anyone play clash of clans?

    I've tried to get into it but it just.. doesn't vibe with me. Or me with it, I guess. It feels too complicated in a way, and I generally don't like games which in a way ''sell time'' - as in, time is one of the main parts of the game, where one's meant to wait around for specific upgrades and so...
  16. Aisha


    While the AI is impressive, I do see some downsides to it - especially for any future issues. The problem with AI is, is that it's always going to be influenced by humans. Even self-learning AIs are an example of this. While they're able to quickly adjust and seemingly ''think'' about how to...
  17. Aisha

    Toughts on piracy?

    I think in general piracy no matter where one would apply it to, would be wrong - however there are instances where for example a government specifically censors or outright bans the ability to legally obtain specific things for any potential reason, where I'll be more okay with it.
  18. Aisha

    What phone do you use?

    I use a Galaxy S22 and honestly feel the same way about the iPhone. I've used it years and years ago for quite awhile, but I've never felt better than when using an android. I know everyone's raving about Apple products but I always find them dinky and highly replaceable with literally anything...
  19. Aisha

    I want to read something

    Depends! What are your preferred genres?
  20. Aisha

    Favourite Movie?

    Peter Pan - sorry, it's always going to be Peter Pan lol. Other than that I prefer horror movies over anything, or the more thriller ones such as the old Ghostface movies.