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  1. Zeratul2020

    Is there a stigma attached to being a gamer?

    I don't think so and if you're a gamer then you won't care right? There are a lot of old gamers like me and it's like riding a bike, you can't unlearn it. You'll always be drawn by video games.
  2. Zeratul2020

    Bonfire Game Studio

    Well if he's part of the team that designed Warcraft in the past then he must be really good. Been trying to go to the link but it seems to be down can't see his site.
  3. Zeratul2020

    Need For Speed Or Drive nee

    When it comes to cars, nothing beats the story mode of NFS, I mean it's been the racing game to play for decades using different gaming platforms. I've been hearing some good reviews of PS4's Drive Club, but I don't own a PS4 so it doesn't concern me. My choice is still NFS.
  4. Zeratul2020

    What game made you laugh?

    I think Deadpool is my number 1 most funniest video game, I can't stop smiling whenever I play this game. It's a super funny game with all his rants and movements, the first DP game was released here in 2014, I hope that there would be a new even funnier DP game out soon.
  5. Zeratul2020

    How often do you preorder games?

    We really don't have a preorder system here in the Philippines when it comes to games. Gaming stores either have the game you're looking for or not. So for new games we just have to wait for the stores to sell them or the usual thing gamers do here is order online.
  6. Zeratul2020

    Your Favorite Sega Game

    I have to say Street of rage, you can now download it on your Android phone, I'm still playing it, when you say Sega, it's all about Sonic but I really hate that game, I like fighting games more.
  7. Zeratul2020

    90's Beat 'em Up Games

    Street fighter, Capcom vs Marvel, Virtua Fighter and my favorite Mortal Combat are some of the best Beat em up games in the 90's. What I like in this games is its addictive and fun playing, learning each fighters special moves and combo hits, it was great fun then.
  8. Zeratul2020

    Favorite gaming company?

    Easily Blizzard is on top of my gaming company list with StarCraft, Warcraft and Overwatch, which I think they could have done a better job in developing it's storyline.
  9. Zeratul2020

    While gaming on your PC, do you prefer your Computer Keyboard or using a Usb Game Pad

    I use a gaming keyboard the one with lights on it, I buy the cheapest models because I and my kids play on it and some keys gets busted over a couple of months. So whenever were playing I change keyboards and gaming keyboards usually last about 6 months before it gets issues and a replacement.
  10. Zeratul2020

    E3 Discussion Thread

    I liked the new Spiderman game which was shown in E3, it's the best game for 2018 in my opinion. The graphics are just amazing.
  11. Zeratul2020

    Addicting Games

    Anyone played StarCraft, the single player mode is one of the most addictive games I've ever played along with its expansion sets it took a decade to curb my addiction only to switch to WOW.
  12. Zeratul2020


    I've played commando way back along with double dragon, the old mario and capcom games. I think it still playable on smartphones, if you're looking for a quick game.
  13. Zeratul2020

    Creating Your Own Game

    Nope, that would be a waste of time and effort because creating a modern game from scratch isn't really feasible for a single person, and creating a simple game won't have any sense because there's a lot of old simple games out in the market that you can get for free.
  14. Zeratul2020

    Will PC gaming ever take over completely??

    I don't think that pc gaming can completely takeover the gaming world simply because most games nowadays are best played via gaming consoles. With the success of the PlayStation and Xbox theres now tens of millions of loyal gamers who prefers playing through these consoles.
  15. Zeratul2020

    Good Gaming Tips

    For new gamers I would have to suggest to always have some drinks around when you're playing and don't play more than 8 hours of straight game play.
  16. Zeratul2020

    Are Games Getting Boring to talk about?

    It can't be boring when.youre talking about your favorite game, it even becomes interesting and entertaining since you get to see what other players like playing and you get to read about other upcoming games as well as reviews of new games currently released in the market.
  17. Zeratul2020

    How good is your gaming skills

    Gaming skills are uniquely dependent on the game, so I can't rate myself generally but for a particular game like StarCraft and Warcraft I'd say I'm a 9.5 out of 10. For Virtua Fighter, Tekken, Capcom vs Marvel I'm a 9 out of 10.
  18. Zeratul2020

    How do you fight gaming addiction?

    I think that's a great solution for pc gaming addiction, but the problem is, what about console gaming? It's harder to throw away your console or your games right?
  19. Zeratul2020

    What do you ...

    The action adv game Batman: Arkham series, which includes Arkham Asylum, Arkham Origins, Arkham Knight, are games with great stories and cater to more mature audiences.
  20. Zeratul2020

    Pre-Order vs Rental?

    We really don't have rentals here in my country, well I guess some may still have but in the provinces far from the metro. Preordering games is also not a norm here. Basically you just buy a game you like in the mall or in gaming stores which are all located in the mall.