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  1. Elite

    GTA San Andreas on the Psvita

    I second this. It was one of my favorite memories gaming. They were ahead of it's time!
  2. Elite

    Upcoming Atomic Heart Release

    One of this years biggest release is nearly here. Atomic Heart, developed by a Russian publisher named Mundfish has been in the works since 2018. This open world FPS game takes place in an alternate 1955 Soviet world that is infiltrated with deadly AI robots who are in power. The action packed...
  3. Elite

    What is the best mod in the workshop?

    Just curious as to what you guys use in the workshop. I have used mods for the farming simulator 22.
  4. Elite

    common mistakes in game development

    I think time has been the biggest mistake as of late. The games feel rushed. Which has forced me to revert back to older games with a foundation already set.
  5. Elite

    The future of the gaming industry

    I believe mobile gaming is the future. The steam deck is a step in that direction. The convenience alone will build a coalition that will be hard to stop.
  6. Elite

    Worst agent in Valorant

    I would agree. Skye is my least enjoyable agent. I main KillJoy.
  7. Elite

    Top Co-Op Games to Enjoy With Your Partner

    Great list! A Way Out is excellent. Fortnite is very creative and has held up pretty well considering.
  8. Elite

    Old games are more enjoyable

    I agree with this sentiment. I play WarThunder a lot which came out 10 years ago. It seems the stability that has been around these older games bring an advantage over the way games are built now. Personally the "release before finished" isn't making a lot of fans! Aka cyberpunk, battlefield, etc.
  9. Elite

    Atomic Heart

    The soviet union style setting of Atomic Heart has had many fans raving. It brings a very artistic 1950's setting to a world that is centuries ahead of them. Humans fighting AI on a scale we have not seen. The combat trailer is a must see.
  10. Elite

    Wild West Dynasty

    One of the most followed pre-released games on steam is Wild West Dynasty. A simulation game where you build the ultimate ranch that includes a variety of settlements.
  11. Elite

    What is your favorite show?

    I would have to say Boardwalk Empire. The first episode was one of my favorites of all time. I highly recommend it.
  12. Elite

    Season 2 mw2 battle pass

    I agree. I am ready to see some of the changes to warzone. They better not screw it up!
  13. Elite

    How Many Forums do you own

    I only own one :/
  14. Elite

    Hello, GameRebels community or Admin

    Welcome to GameRebels :) I plan on adding a moderator very shortly. Hope to see you around.
  15. Elite

    soon :)

    soon :)
  16. Elite

    Season 2 mw2 battle pass

    There is a lot to unpack with the latest leaks to the newest call of duty season. Warzone will be getting resurgance back and the gulag will revert back to 1v1. Mw2 will be getting a new map and a new rifle. There are a ton of changes that can be viewed here. Release: February 15th...
  17. Elite

    Dead Island 2

    One of the most anticipated games of the year is just a few months away. Pre orders are available today. The game will be released April 28th on all platforms.
  18. Elite

    Lets go

    Lets go
  19. Elite

    New Owner

    I have decided to buy this community to try and build upon what Jordan has built. Things are not complete just yet but when they are this will be one of the most modernized forums with access to information at a drop of a hat. There will be room for everyone to join. There will be an email going...
  20. Elite

    Hello, GameRebels

    I am Elite. The new owner of GameRebels. I play on PC and my main games are Valorant and WarThunder. I enjoy sports betting and going on vacation! I welcome all og member's and new members. Let's get this community going again! There were a lot of great conversations on here. Let's bring those...