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  1. WarVet

    Favorite gaming company?

    It's a point.Over here we say "A winning team gets no replacements"
  2. WarVet

    Why do you actually enjoy gaming?

    Even though I enjoy solo play better than I enjoy multi player I do agree with you. Being able to transport yourself to another reality which is not your own is a very relieving activity to me. It's good to take a break from our reality as long as we don't dwell on it
  3. WarVet

    Will PC gaming ever take over completely??

    The takeover is a very strong word. But I think it's very possible that in a not so distant future, PCs evolve to a point where they can be responsible for the majority of releases
  4. WarVet

    How often do you buy new games?

    So do I! I like to get a grip on the game's concepts first before I actually give it a try. After I play a demo or something like that I will then consider spending money on the actual thing. Still nowadays I hardly but games unless they're very appealing to me
  5. WarVet

    Favorite gaming company?

    Really? I am not a big fan of Nintendo mainly because I think that they failed to evolve with the gaming world. While Microsoft and Sony are making games for adult they're still stuck with the classic old games that made them and only reinvent them
  6. WarVet

    Who uses a laptop for gaming?

    Same here! I used to play a lot more back then but then again back then my laptop used to be much better. Nowadays I use it mostly for work but I enjoy the occasional gaming with something not so intensive
  7. WarVet

    Qualities To Be A Great Clan Leader?

    Hopefully, he will. I mean if you are in a half decent clan then he most likely will. From my experience, it's not the bosses who ruin the clan most of the time but the players who play only for themselves or try to be better than everyone else.
  8. WarVet

    How do you take losing when you were young?

    Same here man. Once we learn how pointless it is to try and be best at everything we adopt a more laid back attitude. The funny thing however is that this caries over to adult life. The same prideful kid is the jackass in your work who want to prove everyone he is better than the whole world. I...
  9. WarVet


    That game was great! Loved point and click adventures like "Day of the Tentacle" And Grim Fandango. Did you get an opportunity to play Full Throttle? Totally worth it.
  10. WarVet

    PC versus console Hardware comparison

    Yes also nobody forces you to upgrade your PC. You can get by just fine playing older games or playing online. With consoles, if you don't buy the next gen you'll run out of games to play very soon.
  11. WarVet

    What Are Those Games That Can Boost Intelligence

    Yes, I believe firmly in that. Games are great at boosting your rational thinking and problem-solving. ability. Still what bugs me is that spending too much time in front of the PC or in front of a console can have detrimental effects on your health. I think both physical and mental sides should...
  12. WarVet

    What Console You Own Are You Surprised Is Still Working?

    Well bro to tell you the truth never had problems with them when I played except for once or twice that It black out and I lost all my games (It wasn't much of a hassle really because I had them saved) Still after all those years I didn't really expect it to be still working. It was a surprise...
  13. WarVet

    Civilization V

    Yeah! Personally, I don't have the patience for cultural victories. I like to play with many rival civs (Makes the game more realistic with a fierce competition) and I just don't have the patience to wait for it. The type of victory that I go for most of the time is the science victory
  14. WarVet

    How often do you preorder games?

    I'm not a fan of pre-ordering even If I am a fan of the director or of the series. It's really a gamble. A game of chance. Even if the game is great why not to wait one or two months to order it? You can satisfy your curiosity on Youtube in the mean time and save yourself some precious money in...
  15. WarVet

    How To Backup Steam Games?

    I have never heard of a way because steam is a back in itself. Perhaps there is indeed a way but be careful when messing around with steam files. A friend of mine got permanently banned because of that. Whatever you do, know your stuff first.
  16. WarVet

    The next big thing? Or are MMO's dying?

    Personally, I feel that their era is endingwaning yes. Unfortunately, it's hard to keep things fresh. Creativity is scarce nowadays and the most common thing is people reusing the same concepts over and over again with little differences (Perhaps new graphics). There are still good MMOs out...
  17. WarVet

    What Is Your Favorite Skin Theme?

    Hah! I know what you're talking about I love everything about the 80s as well! The clothes, the music the cars everything! Do you know that music style called synth wave? A must for fans of the era.
  18. WarVet

    PC or xbox? Which to get?

    I understand you yes. But it's not only my eyes. Spending the whole day sitting is very bad for your posture. I do take walks and exercise every day but my back tends to hurt towards the weekend. So resting my back muscles on the sofa is a blessing for me.
  19. WarVet

    What Console You Own Are You Surprised Is Still Working?

    Mine is the PSP. A couple weeks ago I decided to turn it on to see how the old guy was and surprisingly it was still working! Then I had a folder full of downloaded games and tried to transfer one to it but sadly the memory card was fried. Good memories though.
  20. WarVet

    The "how Did I Beat This As A Kid" Moment.

    Dino crisis 1! I remember replaying it a couple years ago and thinking: "Damn these puzzles are so complicated how did I beat them as a kid?" Then I figured having lots of free time on your hands lead to things like this.