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  1. shadowsupernature

    PS3 How much longer?

    I doubt it's getting shut down at all. Reason being, PS NOW. The PS Now games use the same servers as the PS3 games. And at the very least they'll need those to keep games populated. Sure, some individual games got shutdown. But that happened with the 360 and Wii too. In fact, even the 360...
  2. shadowsupernature

    Worst Game Ever Played?

    The worst game I've ever played was during the 16 bit era. (SNES/GENESIS times). It was this martial arts game called "Budokan". Everything about this game was horrible. The graphics, the gameplay, the controls. Everything. Even the music was irritiating. The few times I played it (before...
  3. shadowsupernature

    PS4 What other APPS do you use on your PS4?

    When it's not gaming, I've pretty much violating Crunchyroll. Seriously, I watch it THAT much for my anime fix. Then there's hulu, I mess with that quite a bit too. Netflix is a given. And even though I have Hulu and Netflix, I have my times when I do mess with Crackle (like as I'm typing...
  4. shadowsupernature

    The NX won't be as powerful as this gen's machines?

    There is this rumor going on with Neogaf right now. According to one of the leakers, the NX isn't aiming to be very powerful compared to the PS4 or XB1. This is the same leaker that called the Uncharted Collection and the Fallout 4 Pipboy edition. I would still take this with a grain of salt...
  5. shadowsupernature

    #xboxorweriot, what are your thoughts on this?

    To be honest, this kind of switch should have been expected anyway. The PS4 has the faster/bigger growing install base. Then when you look at how Destiny went for Activision, we should have probably saw this coming. Sony has had a lot of marketing deals this gen so far. They've had Destiny...
  6. shadowsupernature

    Do you wait for discounts?

    I won't even lie. I have been almost religiously looking for discounts over the past say 10 years. I have a job and all that. But reality is other things need to be paid for before games. I even wait for some games that I "know" will end up in the bargain bin and buy them then. UNLESS of course...
  7. shadowsupernature

    PS1 Favorite PS1 Game

    Crash Bandicoot WOULD have been my number 1 if Ape Escape or Tomba didn't exist. Honestly, Sony needs to do SOMETHING to buy the rights back for that. But then again, who would they get to work on it if they did? Naughty Dog already said they're done with mascot-like products, which is why we...
  8. shadowsupernature

    PS4 What are your opinions on the new PS+ Games for July?

    You know, I saw the PS Blog when they posted the July games. I personally think this is great. They are literally giving us TWO new games day 1. Rocket League on PS4 and Geometry Wars 3 on Vita. But of course, you have the usual whiners. I've been a member ALMOST since PS Plus started. I say...
  9. shadowsupernature

    Nintendo (NX)

    This new system is going to be caught between a rock and a hard place, wit fail written all over it. Nintendo really shot themselves on this one. First off, the 100 million people that bought the original Wii weren't happy when Nintendo turned off the Wii's online two months before the Wii U's...
  10. shadowsupernature

    Terraria 1.3 has released!

    Sadly, I won't get to see this 1.3 update for awhile since I play this on Playstation. And the home systems usually get these Terraria updates at minimum 6 months later. But what always got me about these updates is that when you first look at them, you THINK their small. But when you play the...
  11. shadowsupernature

    Can Wildstar survive now that it's a f2p game?

    For anyone that's unaware, Wildstar is a MMO game that very recently went f2p. The game itself was ambitious and had a subscription fee. But similar to games like Star Wars: the old Republic and Elder Scrolls Online, it too had to be made to a f2p game in order to survive. Now the problem is...
  12. shadowsupernature

    PS1 Favorite PS1 Game

    The PS1 era had so many games that I enjoyed. For me, there are a bunch of REALLY good stand out games. But two in particular really have a fond place in my memories. Ape Escape and Tomba. Ape Escape was literally the first game to make proper use of the Dualshock controller (remember, back...
  13. shadowsupernature

    #xboxorweriot, what are your thoughts on this?

    Two weeks ago at E3, Sony had announced a partnership with Activision in which Playstation systems would get the marketing rights to Call of Duty games as well as the DLC 1 month first. This is the same thing Microsoft enjoyed for almost 10 years running. Many xbox fans didn't take well to this...
  14. shadowsupernature

    The destined gamer...yeah that's me :)

    The destined gamer...yeah that's me :)