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  1. Hikin33t

    MMR trenches

    T__T I fed a chinese premade and was absolutely stomped.
  2. Hikin33t

    MMR trenches

    I wish I had such a story. I had one point in my career where I was pushing 5.5k spamming Invoker but I suck terribly now. I've dropped down to 3.5k and if I don't do something soon, I won't even be able to compete in that bracket. Hanging out on this forum, though, is making me think about...
  3. Hikin33t

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    I hear that. I used a walkthrough for The Last Remnant and I really regretted it. I won't do it this time, though!
  4. Hikin33t

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Alright, ty, I'll take that advice to heart. I mean, I really agree with you. If I were to do that I would just spoil the game for myself, so I'll just go into the game blindly, get stuck and have fun.
  5. Hikin33t

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    I actually just got the Witcher 3. I played it A LITTLE back in 2015 but I never finished it because I was too busy at that time. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to playing and finsihing it it this time around. I'm at the first town, currently. Hunting a gryphon.
  6. Hikin33t

    PvE or PvP?

    Always, always PvP for me. I love to fight and the more difficult a game is, the better. To be honest with you, there's no computer in the world that could be more challenging to beat than a skilled human being, so. And since I feel so much pleasure from the adrenaline rush that I get during...
  7. Hikin33t

    League of Legends, do you play it?

    No, I've never played LoL and I don't imagine I ever will because I've always preferred DotA. This really resonates with me. I am in the exact same situation with DotA. The community is toxic and I quit playing to do other things with my time. Now, learning again is just too painful and...
  8. Hikin33t

    Your first online game?

    Mine was Guild Wars 1 and then I went straight onto WoW and didn't leave my house for 3 years.
  9. Hikin33t

    Hero that you hate playing with the most?

    Which hero do I hate to play with or against? Your title makes me think you're asking about which hero I'd hate to have on my team but your post helps me understand that you're asking about who I hate to go up against. Well the answer from me is Techies, hands down. He basically ruins the game...
  10. Hikin33t

    Who is the most under rated hero?

    That's interesting. She's actually got a good kit to be used as a support. Tanky with the longest stun in the game as an ultimate, a strong nuke for early game ganks and pressure, a heal and an AS buff, topped off with the ability to scale into the late game. The question is, what kind of comps...
  11. Hikin33t

    Great Counter Strike Youtubers

    Does Dr. Disrespect still play CS? Or has he complelely moved to PUBG now?
  12. Hikin33t

    How do you feel about the ranked games

    I can't play ranked right now, unfortunately. I love DotA but the community makes it hard on me. I used to play a lot but I quit to learn Japanese, it's been 2.5 years and I am complete trash at DotA now. I get crazy flamed if I play and my hero pool is EXTREMELY limited. It's mostly because I...
  13. Hikin33t

    First Game

    The moment I saw the title of this thread I started wracking my brains instantly for an answer. It'd have to be something on Sega as that was the first console I ever owned. But I don't think I'll ever be able to remember the titles of those games without searching. Edit: I went and found one...
  14. Hikin33t

    Who is Your Favorite Hero

    My favourite is Invoker, too. So much so that when I used to spam DotA all day, it was basically Invoker only. I think that the fact he was so hard to play attracted me to him and I fell in love. If someone takes Invoker first, I just random. Also, I like Shadowfiend. Because he's a boss.
  15. Hikin33t

    Name your favorite DOTA2 pro player, and why!

    Eternal Envy is by far my favourite player. He didn't spill a drink on another player, he deliberately threw it in his face. But, say what you will about Envy, he is an incredible player that just committed to going pro and made it happen. I respect that and what's more I find him extremely...
  16. Hikin33t

    Do you own a knife skin?

    I don't have any skins yet but I hope every game that something drops. I would sell instantly and spend it all on games. I really want to buy Tekken 7, at the moment.
  17. Hikin33t

    How often do you upgrade your PC?

    Not nearly enough. About once every 5 years? But I could do with a new SSD that's at least 500 gigs. Games run so much better on SSDs and I have to run PUBG on it otherwise it doesn't render the world quickly enough. Mine is 120gigs and it's just not big enough. And of course, my graphics card...
  18. Hikin33t

    Has counter strike changed a lot since version 1.6?

    Yeah, there's better hit registration now. Better textures and coding, too. The scene, too, changed considerably over the years. It's now the leading competitive e-sport. Plus, I'm pretty sure it invented "surfing"
  19. Hikin33t

    What console exclusive would you like to see on PC?

    Bloodborne is a great suggestion. I'd love to play that. But, if I'm limited to just one choice, mine would be final fantasy 15 one hundred percent. I'm desperate to play that. I've seen both the movie and the anime and I played FF zero for PSP. I love the universe and I hope it gets ported.
  20. Hikin33t

    Do people still play Terraria?

    I recently downloaded it again actually. I used it play it with my friend and he got me back into it. He said that a lot has changed since we last played. The game itself was always solid, I thought. I really like the premise of starting as a humble nobody, exploring the perilous world around me...