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    Roms played through mobile?

    Well there are Roms converted to .jar files.
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    What phone do you have ?

    I own Nokia X2, i use it for everything.
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    Yu-Gi-Oh! ROMS for GBA

    I'll check those links, Thanks for sharing. :)
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    SNES Games?

    What SNES roms have you played? I've played: -Super Mario World -Super Mario World 2 -Super Adventure Island -Super Bonk
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    Roms played through mobile?

    Have you played any Nes Game through mobile before? If yes, what are they? I've played: Super Mario bros 3 and Adventure Island III
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    Super Mario Land 2

    Who Remembers this old black & white Game? To be honest, i've played on my mobile and it was quite Great.
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    Super Mario World 8

    Hello, i re-opened this project with a new suit, a game is full of new challenges and difficulties. With 14 Worlds! {the secret 6 ones are WIP}. Features: +20 powerups (they are under work) +5 yoshis +3 players (they are under work) -full diversity of koopalings and other bosses -better...
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    Mario Party 3

    Have you played this Game? I've played it, it is Fun to compete with other friends as opponents. ;)
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    Sprites Ripping or Custom work?

    Do you Ripp sprites from other Consoles or do you design your own? I haven't ripped any sprites from any game, i design my own, either from scratch or doing custom sheets.
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    What consoles do you play

    What consoles do you usually play on emulators? I play SNES and Gameboy.
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    How long

    How long have you been Making Graphics? I have been making graphics for few years.
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    Fairy Tales of Nadia

    Here is an episode made by me using comic life: Once upon a time, there's a Lawyer who lives in a middle of a miserable neighbourhoods in Tunisia, his name is Adel, This lawyer has two Girls: an older beautiful Girl is called Nada, and a Young Bautiful Girl who's called Nadia, but we're going...
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    Feedback please.

    Very Nice pieces, we are looking forward to see more of you :)
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    Basic Signature [PS]

    Great tutorials, i'll try to follow it . ;)
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    Do you do your own work or use a prepared items?

    Do you do your own graphic works for your forums or use some prepared works? If i can't find what i need from the internet, i will have to do my own.
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    Mario Fan sprites

    Thank you for comments and feedback, i couldn't modify the plants in a good way, i'll try to avoid this fault next time.
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    Gta vice city romania

    What do you think Of GTA vice city romania? I think it's a lame edit of the original GTA, the modder did not give anything new besides what Rockstar gave in their original game. Same gameplay, same weapons, same missions (i guess) with different player and cars.
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    Favorite GTA

    I like GTA2 and GTA san andreas.
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    Favorite PC Game Genre?

    My favorite PC game genres are: Adventure, strategy and shooting.
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    Forum Badges | With Download

    These badges are pretty good.