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  1. Ridge


    I've been debating this for awhile now. Just for an easy way to get my massive Steam library playable on my TV.
  2. Ridge

    Any one getting the Twilight Princess HD remake with wolflink amiibo?

    It'll look nice next to the other Links on my shelf...
  3. Ridge

    How do you buy your games?

    I buy the vast majority of my games digitally nowadays, it is just so much easier. The exception being long standing franchises that I love and want to put on a shelf near each other. Things like Zelda and Metal Gear.
  4. Ridge

    Any one getting the Twilight Princess HD remake with wolflink amiibo?

    I never finished Twilight Princess originally and this seems like a good reason to go back. I'll reluctantly be getting it with the Amiibo.
  5. Ridge

    PS4 What are your opinions on the new PS+ Games for July?

    This looks like another month I'll add everything to my library and will hopefully get to them at some point, nothing here will become a priority though..
  6. Ridge

    Assassin's Creed: Syndicate.. looking forward to it?

    I've been playing through every new Assassin's Creed game for awhile now, but I don't think I've actually looked forward to one in awhile. This is no different.
  7. Ridge

    PS3 How much longer?

    So you had PS+ for your PS3 then? So what's the issue? You're paying for the service anyways, now it just does one more thing for you.
  8. Ridge

    How much money?

    I've managed to spend about $600 so far in 2015 and I didn't even get my new 3DS yet..
  9. Ridge

    The Legend of Zelda Series

    Ocarina of Time is easily my favorite. I've made a point to play it once every year for the past 15 or so years. Majora's Mask is a very different Zelda game, but it is pretty good. I've also been replaying Wind Waker lately. If you have a Wii U I can't recommend it enough.
  10. Ridge

    PS3 How much longer?

    It's not like you also get hundreds of dollars of free games with PS+ or anything...
  11. Ridge

    PS3 How much longer?

    I'm surprised they still support it as much as theh do really.... Another year at most.
  12. Ridge

    Anyone else getting Citizens of Earth?

    For those who don't know Citizens of Earth is an old school styled RPG coming out this week. It feels a lot like RPGs of the SNES era. You play at the Vice President of the world and as your adventure progresses you will have to recruit many other random citizens whose unique talents will help...
  13. Ridge

    Vita Vita 1001 or 2000

    I have the first model and never found it uncomfortable. Plus the OLED screen looks better than the 2000's LCD screen.
  14. Ridge

    Do you think the next CoD should return to the World War?

    They can't go back to World War 2 at this point. They introduced too many gameplay improvements this year. More World War 2 gameplay would feel far to slow. I voted no more COD. Enough is enough.
  15. Ridge

    The NES best retro console ever?

    A lot of people's best retro console will be their first console, or the one they have the most nostalgia for. Spec wise they were all kind of garbage.
  16. Ridge

    Disney Infinity

    The story mode comes with playset pieces and not the character pieces themselves, and only characters who exist in the same world can actually play through the story mode together. But there is also the toy box mode, and that is where any characters purchased can interact. It is largely a...
  17. Ridge

    What mobile games do you play?

    I've been stealing my wife's iPhone lately to play Crossy Road. It isn't on the Andriod store.. So anyways, it is basically an endless Frogger. I may never get bored of it.
  18. Ridge

    Can a Youtuber Affect Game Sales?

    This is the general concensus with adults.
  19. Ridge

    What's Your Favorite Netflix Series?

    Every short clip or trailer I've seen makes it look like just another dumb adult swim show. And the first couple episodes aren't too much more than that. But then things pick up. It almost becomes like a drama/character study about this sad man missing his golden days, and the tone becomes...
  20. Ridge

    Assassins Creed: Unity fail?

    I've played this game for a couple hours in the last couple days and haven't noticed any issues. The patches may have fixed things..