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  1. Gorgoroth

    Do you have a PS3?

    Yup, still do and it's in completely working condition despite being one of the old, fat ones. I don't really use it though, last time I played was like a year ago, but I do use the controllers on my computer because I just love the Sony controller look and feel. I have been toying with the...
  2. Gorgoroth

    Favourite Ps3 game?

    Hmm, I might have to say GTA5 or Yakuza 5. I know, very different kind of games, but I really loved them both, albeit for very different reasons. GTA5 was great fun with friends once Online hit, and the story and the execution of it was really intriguing. Yakuza 5 otherwise was just a...
  3. Gorgoroth

    Do cheat guides make games too boring?

    I have completed many games with walkthroughs (old LucasArts click adventures, many Final Fantasy games...), mainly because I'm simply not so good in those games, but I love the stories. If I went along completely on my own not only might I never clear the game in the first place, but I would...
  4. Gorgoroth

    Renting Games vs Buying

    I don't think that renting game directly has been a thing for years (soon decades, I guess), but technically something like PSPlus would be a rental option, since you'll lose access once you stop paying for the Plus subscription. Personally I wouldn't see it impossible if I could rent a game on...
  5. Gorgoroth

    Are You Losing Interest Too?

    I feel you, this exact same thing happens to me every now and then. I feel that sometimes we just lose interest in what we love regardless, or maybe I should say that out interest changes subjects, so we do something else instead for a while. But so far I have always come back to gaming after...
  6. Gorgoroth

    Do you invest real money on playing games

    Does playing arcade games count? ;) Otherwise not really, although I have paid for some Hearthstone decks (although with money from Diablo 3 auction house back in the day), and technically I have bought some CS:GO skins while using free skins to make the deposits. Overall I'm not too much...
  7. Gorgoroth

    How to get free skins for CS:GO?

    There are bunch of sites where you can earn skins either via completing offers or simply getting free skins if you use referral codes. I have a list of few of these sites, but I'm not sure how referral codes are accepted on this forum? Anyways, if you wish to, feel free to PM me and I'll send...