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  1. Bayoneutra

    Are You Losing Interest Too?

    Right now I'm also on one of those "down" times you describe, but I've grown used to them because it's not the first time it happens to me. I think gaming is not a perpetual interest that retains the same level of investment across time. You have ups and downs and it all relates to your...
  2. Bayoneutra

    Are You Ready For Age Of Empires 4?

    I'm skeptical until I see it with my own two eyes. I was a huge fan of AoE 1 and AoE2 and I was part of the mainstream crowd that was massively disappointed by the third installment. I would like to have my hopes up and believe this will be an improvement while still keeping the essence of...
  3. Bayoneutra

    The Oldest Pc Game You've Ever Played?

    EFFING PINBALL WAS THE FIRST, DON'T LIE. My very first PC game was actually... (Don't laugh.) a Barbie game my parents gifted me when I was really young. Barbie Explorer, it was named. And let me tell you, for this 6 year old girl, that game was the BOMB. I think that was my first experience...
  4. Bayoneutra

    Start disliking a game

    The only time it happened was back in the days, I was pretty big on MU online and I was hyped as hell about it (for the time the graphics were fantastic and I loved the gameplay) but out of nowhere it became so popular that no one talked about anything else for months. It annoyed me pretty fast...
  5. Bayoneutra

    Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale PS4

    Realistically speaking this is never going to happen but boy, what wouldn't I give up to have a Ultimate Royale Smash. Kind of reminds me of how great the vs. Capcom series was, I love crossover games like that. They'd get my money so fast.
  6. Bayoneutra

    Favorite PC Game Genre?

    I'm not much of a PC gamer, but when I do I tend to go indie, I really like them a lot and the weirder and more artistic it looks, the better. As for genre in specific, I'd say I really like rhythm, strategy and simulation. And visual novels, I really like visual novels you guys, you have no...
  7. Bayoneutra

    How do you take losing when you were young?

    Well, it all depended. I took losing quite well at least half of the time, I would just ask for the rematch so I could prove I could kick their asses. Sometimes, if I lost at a game I believed I was really good at, I'd throw a fit and insist they cheated/I was distracted/It didn't count...
  8. Bayoneutra

    If you were stuck on an island and only could have one game, what would it be?

    Okay so, if we ignore all laws of logic and believe for a second that I can have electricity, console gaming and anything I might need to spend time playing while STILL being stranded on an island with no possibility of escape or contacting the outside world... I'd probably pick Pokemon Y (Or...
  9. Bayoneutra

    PS1 Favorite PS1 Game

    I've mentioned the games I like a lot, but what I played the most in the PS1 back then was Tekken 3, probably! And Tomba 2. I was also really obsessed with Inuyasha and Shaman King back in the days, so I played the PS1 games released for both those series (Inuyasha: A Feudal Fairytale and...
  10. Bayoneutra

    Anybody else see the new episode of Game of Thrones tonight?

    I've seen a lot of overlap between the GoT community and the video game one, but hey, perhaps in this particular case it wasn't that glaringly obvious. I am pretty sad about the small number of episodes, but on the other hand... This has made them administrate their time so, so much better...
  11. Bayoneutra

    How long has it been?

    I was trying to be diplomatic and tactful about it... But who am I kidding, I embrace my bleak, aging present :p I'm an adult now, and adults need their nap time, kiddos. I still depend a lot on mobile gaming, though.
  12. Bayoneutra

    Indie games aren't all they're made out to be

    I have to agree with OursIsTheFury on this one; indie games are changing the industry for the better. To what was already said I'd like to add that indie developers tend to be more risk-takers than companies; companies like to stick to what they are sure will give them a huge money income and...
  13. Bayoneutra

    Which is/was your nobody-else-like-it game?

    No way! I just found out there was a Monster Rancher PS1 game, I loved the TV Show when I was a kid! I'd have probably lost so many hours going through it, I swear. And to be honest, I can't think of a single instance where I've liked an unpopular game... I'm rather mainstream in my style...
  14. Bayoneutra

    How long has it been?

    Maybe about two weeks ago, I've been super busy lately and I've barely had time to be online at all haha. Well, unless Ace Attorney counts; I played a bit as I was bored on the bus a couple days ago, but other than that it's been two weeks. This is pretty much the reason why I've taken so...
  15. Bayoneutra

    Most forgettable console for you?

    It's easy to discuss what's your favorite console, but what is the most forgettable one? We all know there have been commercial failures like the Wii U, and we are aware of the tragic fate of the mess known as Virtual Boy, but in your opinion what was the worst console released, or the console...
  16. Bayoneutra

    Anybody else see the new episode of Game of Thrones tonight?

    Username checks out. Sad to see you didn't got a reply because I'm completely hype about this season. I loved the season premiere and boy, what a good opening scene we got with Arya finally ending the Frey line. I am still REALLY hyped about this Sunday's episode though, that naval ship was...
  17. Bayoneutra

    How often do you upgrade your PC?

    Far less often than I'd like lol Honestly I haven't updated since... Four years ago or so? I just don't have the money to do so and, as soon as I do, I end up investing the money on other things that seem far more urgent at the time. Thankfully I am not too big on online PC gaming so it's not...
  18. Bayoneutra

    Kicking a member

    I agree with you and that's the key issue here. I run away from leadership positions because I assume enough of that in RL, so I'd rather leave that part to people that actually enjoy it, and if you take a leadership position you have to be ready to do the pleasant and unpleasant. Your duty is...
  19. Bayoneutra

    How to overcome gaming addiction?

    Being busy. By having other things to do, you just slowly detach yourself from your addiction. Be it college, working, having a different hobby or a different set of responsibilities... Bottom line is that gaming becomes something to do in your free time, and by reducing the time you spend...
  20. Bayoneutra

    RAGE or RAGE QUIT: Have you done this?

    I've never rage quit, not even once. I don't know if I'm extremely chill and zen, but I don't think I've even been moved to quit out of anger. However, I've been very frustrated many times with certain games. In those circumstances I just stand up, walk to the kitchen to get myself a glass of...