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  1. Koyomi Araragi

    How Do You Cope With Low Battery When Playing

    I honestly just keep my laptop constantly plugged in. Crappy thing dies in two hours when I'm not playing games.
  2. Koyomi Araragi

    Have you stopped playing any games because of its community?

    The Undertale fandom is disturbingly cancerous and have put a lot of people off of a great game. I'd never go around calling myself an Undertale fan for that reason.
  3. Koyomi Araragi

    How often do you buy new games?

    I tend to grab a lot of games through sections of Reddit and the like devoted to free game codes/game deals on Steam or Humble Bundle. Just bought some games in the Steam summer sale, which is rare for me, but I had a little spare in PayPal.
  4. Koyomi Araragi

    Play a Cop In GTA?

    That would be interesting...if you had a matching A.I. "protagonist" that was as reckless as a typical player is that you would have to go after as a cop.
  5. Koyomi Araragi

    Steam Summer Sale: 2017

    So far I've gotten BattleBlock Theater and One Night Stand, two cheapo games I had a little spare for in my PayPal account. I used to own Portal but I can't find the disc and would like to play it again so I might just grab the $3 bundle with it and Portal 2, because why not?
  6. Koyomi Araragi

    Do you like sharing your games?

    I'll play games with people (who aren't annoying), rather through using two controllers or online multiplayer. But lending them my copy of a game, or giving someone else a turn on a one-player game? Naaaaah.
  7. Koyomi Araragi

    Steam Summer Sale: 2017

    I think everyone should jump on Firewatch. Very fun game that's a steal at $9!
  8. Koyomi Araragi

    Am I alone?

    Yeah, it's partially that people are in different time zones. Forums are also typically at their most active during the weekend when people have downtime, and considering it's Tuesday...
  9. Koyomi Araragi

    Should Alpha Game be free?

    That depends on how alpha we're talking. Something like Yandere Simulator should definitely be free (at least until the developer makes any noteworthy progress on the game...), as the testing builds are way too incomplete to justify someone purchasing them.
  10. Koyomi Araragi

    Is Gaming Worth Doing At All?

    I think that anything that gives you a sense of joy is worth doing. (Unless it's murdering babies or something, in which case please refrain from that activity and seek out a therapist.)
  11. Koyomi Araragi

    Anyone know any good Flash games?

    I think that Fancy Pants Adventure and Haunt the House are pretty fun. Been playing them since I was in grade school. On the more morbid/crude side I enjoy some ragdoll physics/gore games like Happy Wheels, Interactive Buddy, and The Torture Game 2. Torture Game 2 is particularly brutal/not for...
  12. Koyomi Araragi

    Anyone excited for console crossplay?

    Yes, I am excited for console crossplay...if it goes further than Minecraft, that is. I think that Sony refusing to let the PS4 in the crossplay is a bit ridiculous. It sure would be nice if these companies would all play nice for the benefit of themselves and the consumer.
  13. Koyomi Araragi

    How desperate are you for gaming?

    I haven't had a desperation for a game in a long time (well, not since Splatoon first came out). Sometimes I have a desperation while in school of "I wish I was playing a game or literally doing anything else right now". But I'm on summer break right now, so I've got all the game time I could...
  14. Koyomi Araragi

    OpenIV shutting down - "The day, when GTA modding was declared illegal"

    I don't know why Take-Two would choose to go after this software after so many years, especially if Rockstar doesn't have a problem with it.
  15. Koyomi Araragi

    Worst console flop ever?

    Mattel's HyperScan didn't even know what its audience was. It was apparently aimed at little kids who weren't ready for "high-end" video games, even though the game that was bundled with the console was rated T. The only games that were ever released for it were TV show/movie tie-in games and it...
  16. Koyomi Araragi

    Does Anyone Still Play Runescape?

    I've only played RuneScape once in my life as a kid, and quickly lost interest. My grandmother, on the other hand, played the game religiously for years, and did return to the game for part of last year, though she wasn't as impressed with it as it used to be. She can't stand when they change...
  17. Koyomi Araragi

    What is your favorite horror game?

    Outlast is one of the immersive and disturbing experiences I've ever had in a video game. Highly recommended (for mature audiences). If anyone likes visual novels, Song of Saya and Higurashi are my horror recommendations for that medium.
  18. Koyomi Araragi

    Are there any games you can play over and over and never tire of?

    There's a lot of different ways that you can play Super Smash Bros., and trying to win a match against people gets addictive. It's probably the game I've spent the most time on in my life overall.
  19. Koyomi Araragi

    Greetings Hoo-mans!

    Nice to meet you and welcome to Game Rebels! I hope you're able to find/engage in quality discussion here.
  20. Koyomi Araragi

    Pokemon Games

    Alright! A core RPG Pokemon on the big screen! (Pokemon Colosseum for the GameCube was close...very close...but just didn't quite feel like the handheld games. I hope this game is able to capture that magic on the Switch.)