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  1. thart

    What game got you into PC gaming world?

    Ok guys! What was the one game that brought you into the world of PC gaming? And what PC did you start with? ( I don't mean your first game you played, The game that attracted you gaming ). For me it was Half Life 1 in my Desktop with a windows XP.
  2. thart

    What has the best game of 2017 been so far?

    Persona 5, And Resident Evil 7 have my vote. Though i think Super Mario Odyssey will take the cake lol.
  3. thart

    Experienced Gamers: Which is your favorite game developer company?

    Capcom, I know people have grown disgruntles with them lately, especially with the release of street fighter 5, but they have made a lot of my favorite games franchises.
  4. thart

    First video game

    I still remember that my first video games was Super Mario in Nintendo, i played it with my cousin. My second game was Crush Bandicoot in PS1.
  5. thart

    Easy or Hard?

    I always choose the hard difficulty for the chalenge of course, it makes the game more fun and i think that i will get bored if i play the easy mode.
  6. thart

    What is the best voice acting in a videogame?

    I would say Clementine, Kenny and Lee in the first Walking Dead games. Clem especially, she could have aesily been an annoying, cloying little sidekick, but she was excellent.
  7. thart

    What games are you playing?

    I've done playing Half Life 1 and 2 ( episode 1 and 2 ). And currently I am playing Prince Of Persia Warrior Within, and i plan to play the other series after finishing this one.
  8. thart

    Do you dream about your game?

    Hahaha i was not thinking about eating fish after that, i focused only on that guy who wear a rain robe and full of fish scales and smell :sweat::sweatsmile: i start paying attention when i see a guy like that outside haha i was kid that time but i still remember every details about that dream...
  9. thart

    Hello fellas!

    And I'm really enjoying here too, Thank you and see you around :smiley:
  10. thart

    Do you like playing your game with your siblings?

    Yes i agree with you, it gives playing more fun, a lot of my best gaming memories are all on the couch with friends, or playing in front of a big crowd at a party and cheering and all that stuff :sweatsmile: but i prefer to play horror games solo, that's what give the game more fun.
  11. thart

    Horror FPS Game Android?

    Wow i am a big fan of horror games too, and i love anything about zombies , ghosts... I suggest to you to try The Walking Dead, it's a very nice game and i am sure that you will love it. But only the first episode is free, if you can't purchase other episodes then i have a nice trick for free...
  12. thart

    How Far Can You Go Just to Play Your Favorite Mobile Game?

    I am a fan of mobile games too and i have a special list that i love to play, i also play before sleep but unfortunately i always sleep holding my phone :tearsofjoy: i always don't remeber what really happened haha never finished a game at night.
  13. thart

    Hello fellas!

    Welcome with us in this awesome forum, we are looking forward to hear from you and discuss about your and our favorite games. Have a good time and let's enjoy.
  14. thart

    Greetings to all from India :D

    Hello and welcome to you here in Game Rebels. Your game list look nice, do you play the games in the same time or you finsh one game and move to the other? Have a good time with us here :smile:
  15. thart

    What are some of the best mobile games?

    Ohhh this game look interesting to give it a try, BMX Bike Rider, thanks for the idea. And try to play Temple Run again, there is some good new upgrades and it's so fun.
  16. thart

    Scariest Game You Have Played

    Well, maybe it's just a periond and it will pass sooner or later, it's just something not real and we do it just for fun. Don't worry there nothing under your bed lol just kidding bro. what the other things do you like except horror things?
  17. thart

    Do you dream about your game?

    Yeah i heard that in the TV before, Hahaha weird dreams. I also had some weird dreams too, in one of my weird dreams i was attacked by a guy who buy fish and i was runing, after that i tured to an ant and i escaped in a small hole :sweatsmile::tearsofjoy:
  18. thart

    Do you play Clash Royale?

    And fireball too is the best direct damage spell in my opinion. Will gain a good elixir advantage over most troops :bluesquarebiggrin:
  19. thart

    Do you bet on games?

    And take actions is the second solution that will lead you to keep moving to the right path, if you really recognized well your problem and really want to change it to the good.