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  1. reginafalange


    I always use free-to-play because I don't want to spend much money on gaming. I change games I play pretty often so I rarely feel attached to them enough to justify the paying. I think the options I get in the free version are enough for me, I don't need more.
  2. reginafalange

    What languages do you know?

    I've used many during taking classes at college, but I wouldn't say I know any of them, I just know the basics. Among the languages were C++, C#, HTML/CSS, Javascript and R. Most of them were used for making simple algorithms or projects, nothing serious.
  3. reginafalange

    Helpful resources - HTML, CSS

    I used some of these pages and that's a great list but I would add https://www.freecodecamp.com/ (similar to code academy, you learn to program and make small projects) and https://www.edx.org/ which has many programming courses (not only about HTML and CSS) that are free and you can pay to get...
  4. reginafalange

    How do you take losing when you were young?

    I think I was never bitter about losing. I knew that in order to get better in the game I have to learn and keep playing. There's no point in getting emotional about losing, it's how it all works, sometimes you have to try many times to win.
  5. reginafalange

    Do you ever feel bad at killing someone in games?

    No, I never feel bad about "killing" people in the game. The word makes it sound like you're really murdering someone. Killing other gamers in the game is just eliminating them and that's how the game works - usually, it's either someone eliminating you or you eliminate them.
  6. reginafalange

    Strained eyes while playing games

    When this happens it can be terrible. It is good to take a break and rest your eyes as you could be causing some damage with being exposed to a screen for long periods of time. I don't play often but I work with my computer for many hours and this happens from time to time. We have to be careful...
  7. reginafalange

    Why do you actually enjoy gaming?

    When I used to have time for playing games, I used to do it because it was really fun to do things that you're not able to do in real life, I could be somebody else for a few hours and this was a great way to disconnect from the world :)
  8. reginafalange

    Do You Use Cheat When Playing Game?

    I once used some Firefox extension to have infinite power ups on Candy Crush Saga lol, but it was because I got stuck at some level that it was impossible for me to pass, I tried everything and had no results, I got really frustrated so I decided to do this and I finally passed it. I know it's...
  9. reginafalange

    I've been playing "2048 Game", I can't win.

    I remember the game! Everyone has played it at some point. The whole trick was to keep the blocks in one corner and hope for the best because sometimes even with the right moves you might have to do something that would ruin the setup. When people finally got a higher score they usually stopped...
  10. reginafalange

    Do you ever record your gaming?

    I never do that because I feel like I'm not that good to do it and I don't feel the need. Many people do it already so it's not that difficult to find the gaming videos you are looking for. Most people who record their games are just very experienced at them and/or add interesting commentary.
  11. reginafalange

    Do you love playing in VR?

    I would love to try it out because I'm really interested in this. It's still expensive to get it and it's hard to find cheap VR boxes for phones here. If I find it at a reasonable price I might get it just to see what it's like to play in Virtual Reality.
  12. reginafalange

    How often do you preorder games?

    I never pre-order games, I usually buy games on sales. For me, it's not worth it to buy a game before I know anything about it before I can read any reviews. It might turn out to be bad and I'd just lose the money. I don't have to have any game right away, right after the release.
  13. reginafalange

    Can a Youtuber Affect Game Sales?

    Of course, it is possible for a YouTuber to affect the sales. If a famous YouTuber makes a video about a game he really enjoyed people that were interested in the game and hear a good review will buy it. Same can happen when the YouTuber bashes the game saying it's not worth buying. I like to...
  14. reginafalange

    What games do you currently play?

    Well, this might sound a bit boring or something but the only game I am currently playing is Pool 2017 on my cell phone. I played some similar game on Facebook time ago, and I found by casualty on Google Play Store so I decided to download it and try it. I don't play often but it is entertaining.
  15. reginafalange

    How desperate are you for gaming?

    I think I handle this very well as I haven't played in a very long time. Sometimes I wish I had the time and the console to just sit and play for a bit, I haven't felt "desperate" to play, not even when I'm bored or when I want some other distraction.
  16. reginafalange

    How long has it been?

    Well, work keeps me busy most of the time and I think I haven't played a video game in over a year. From time to time a play something on my cell phone, but sitting to play it hasn't happened in a long time. I don't own a console at the moment and I don't know when I'm gonna be able to get one.
  17. reginafalange

    How did you start playing games?

    The very first time I played a video game was with a Super Nintendo console that a relative brought from the U.S and gave it to us. I remember I was around 7 years old maybe and I was so amazed because I never saw anything like this.
  18. reginafalange

    If you were stuck on an island and only could have one game, what would it be?

    I would say Super Mario World or some of the Need for Speed. I really love super Mario cause it brings me memories from my childhood and I think it still has a lot of secrets. With Need for Speed, I wouldn't get bored cause I love racing cars in video games.
  19. reginafalange

    What game made you laugh?

    I would say The Sims, I haven't played it but I had seen other people playing it and many crazy non-sense things happen there and it can be hilarious. I personally don't feel attracted to this game but it has made me laugh. It's weird in my opinion but as well somehow it's funny.
  20. reginafalange

    Hill Climb Racing

    I used to play it a lot, it's a fun game and it's kind of addictive. I love racing games and this one had a lot of vehicles and maps to choose from. The physics effects were very well done too. I remember it was difficult to start playing but once you got the gist it became easier.