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  1. Testament

    Do you wait for discounts?

    On Steam? Yes, I most definitely wait for discounts. Haha. The games are so much cheaper than usual when the summer sale or holiday sales come on. Call me a consumerist pig or what have you (admit it, you are, too, haha), but Steam Sales are awesome, they give you old games for very little, so...
  2. Testament

    Pokemon Games

    Pokemon X/Y and ORAS have blown past expectations. The new 3D way of Pokemon really lit up all Pokemon fans, old and new. What I love the most about Pokemon games, though, is competitive battling. EV training and IV breeding is just not for kids and it really separates the casual fans from the...
  3. Testament

    Favorite Game Engine?

    Ever tried Unity? Isn't it the most famous game development engine for amateurs? I'm not sure. It is simple enough to pick up and there are a LOT of tutorials on YouTube. Unity's own tutorials are kinda difficult to follow. It requires a bit more knowledge in C programming, though.
  4. Testament

    Side quests

    If we're talking about MMOs, aren't side-quests actually essential for leveling up or getting good gear? I do it a lot for DCUO and it seems to be the only decent way, outside of grinding, to keep going.
  5. Testament

    Hello, everyone.

    Local co-op? Like on LAN? I have played Left 4 Dead 2 several times before, with my old college friends. It was a great and easy game to pick up. The learning curve isn't so difficult. Do you know any good co-op games where even non-gamer girls can play? I have some friends whom I'd love to...
  6. Testament

    Hello, everyone.

    Hello, guys. My name's Testament. I'm new so don't call me the Old Testament. See what I did there? ;) Haha. I've been a gamer since I was little, with most of my faves being Final Fantasy and Pokemon. Yeah. I like those timeless games the most. I also like the new ones, like Bioshock and Last...
  7. Testament

    Favorite Game?

    Let me guess, Mr. Oklahoma City Thunder. Is your favorite team the Knicks? Haha. Kidding. Westbrook and Durant (especially Durant) have better stats in 2K15, though, right? As for my favorite game, it's gotta be either competitive Pokemon (EVs and IVs make everything so much more exciting than...
  8. Testament

    DC Universe Online

    Does anyone play DCUO? It's nowhere near the other MMORPG's in terms of quality, but it's refreshing and fun. You get to play alongside your favorite DC characters, like Superman and Joker, by creating and leveling up your own superhero/villain. If you're not into medieval fantasy MMO's for...
  9. Testament

    Favourite Video Game Series?

    Final Fantasy. I know. I know. The series is flailing, trying to get up on its feet, overshadowed by its own past successes. FFXIII did next to nothing to help it get back up, too. But hey, at least I know I can always re-play and go back to my favorites FFV, VII, and VIII, due to how timeless...
  10. Testament

    Games completed 2015

    Bioshock Infinite Yeah. I'm a year later for the party but damn was this game amazing both visually and from a narrative point of view. Immersing myself in the sky-high Columbia was the best part. Transistor I'm a bit late for this one, too. But hey, this game did so well with getting a feel of...