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  1. Robbie626

    What's your guilty pleasure video game?

    GTA is a guilty pleasure of killing and stealing for me. I love gaining sin points on a digital game instead of real life. Lol
  2. Robbie626

    Favorite childhood game

    My favorite childhood game is Freedom Fighters. I loved the third party shooter, story, and ability to be a leader. It was really an enjoyable game. :)
  3. Robbie626

    Do you play mobile games to kill time?

    I play mobile games like Family Feud live while on the bus to school or waiting for class to start. Sometimes it creates a terrible procasination habit which I hate, but oh well. I am grateful that mobile games makes waiti g go faster.
  4. Robbie626

    Do you think the Wii U needs a name change?

    I honestly do not know why it was called Wii in the first place. I know Nintendo screwed up when they went from an awesome name of GameCube to Wii to Wii U.
  5. Robbie626

    Heroes of the Storm

    My ex boyfriend played this game a lot and he always force me to play with him regardless of being a full time student with 14 units.The game was fun, but it was not my great interest though.
  6. Robbie626

    BF or COD?

    I am a Call of Duty fan because I have played it and enjoyed the storyline. However, I never played Battlefield or know the storyline.
  7. Robbie626

    Vintage Systems and Prices

    How much was a Dreamcast when it first came out? I honestly think it would cost more then $100 then, but depends on the person and you selling it.
  8. Robbie626

    Best deal?

    I think the best deal I got was free to purchase a rare used game for a PlayStation 2 is Freedom Fighter by trading in some games I do not play anymore.
  9. Robbie626

    Strained eyes while playing games

    I never thought of using shades to avoid eye strains and headaches. You are already living in the future lmao. I usually take a break and go outside for some fresh air.
  10. Robbie626

    Board Games

    I loved to play Battleship in summer camp. I just loved the suspense of 1 on 1 and the strategy you can to pull to make it hard for your opponent to attack your ships.
  11. Robbie626

    What are some good games you can play over and over again?

    Freedom Fighters is a game I can play over and over again. The game is so short, but has 4 different difficulty levels to test the player's ability. The game has a good story that gets you to play over and over again.
  12. Robbie626

    What was your favorite game on the first platform you owned?

    My favorite game was Super Mario Sunshine and it was on the Nintendo GameCube. I still love the game even to this day. :)
  13. Robbie626

    Video Card

    My Laptop has a Nvidia GEFORCE 940MX video card. I can play a fair amount of 3D games with this video card.
  14. Robbie626

    The last game you bought?

    The last game I purchased was at Target which was Donkey Kong Country Returns on the 3DS.
  15. Robbie626

    Your favorite memories in gaming..

    The Super Mario Sunshine secret missions were my favorite memories in gaming. The first time you play the mission, Shadow Mario take F.L.U.D.D away from you so you have to pass with the original Mario skills without aid. I remember the most challenging and frustrating moments that it made.
  16. Robbie626

    Where do you buy games?

    I usually purchase my games from Amazon, Game Stop, and in stores like Wal-Mart or Target. Games are expensive these days so it depends on if I want to go to the store or have it delivered. :p
  17. Robbie626

    Game Rebels Official Console Vote

    Shooting games are the beat games to play on the PC. However, I still like to play games on my PlayStation 3 consoles once in a while. I guess since I am a computer person, I tend to be on the computer for everything. lol
  18. Robbie626


    I have some old PlayStation 2 games such as Freedom Fighters and GTA: Vice City. I hate how some PlayStation 3 consoles support previous version and some do not. Am I the only one that can see Son useses the same controller and the newer consoles can hold better graphic gameplay? They should...
  19. Robbie626

    RPG maker MV

    There are a lite version of RPG Maker (I do not recall the exact version). However it is extremely limited that you rather purchase one. They usually have great sales occasionally which is the best time to buy one. I got a RPG Maker for $10 Instead of $25.
  20. Robbie626

    Console of Choice?

    My console of choice is Nintendo Gamecube and Playstation 2 and 3. I personally believe I played one of the beat games on these consoles.