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  1. fireball916

    Are You Losing Interest Too?

    I always get burned out a little at the end of summer. School's starting back up now though so I'm busy doing other things now.
  2. fireball916

    Are You Hyped For Battlefront 2?

    The Starfighter trailer has me sooooo excited! When you can hear a clone say "For the Republic!" I get instant chills because it reminds me of the older Battlefronts. Most excited for the Clone Wars content and there's people saying that Anakain and Asoka are the two voices you can during the...
  3. fireball916

    Call of Duty or Battlefield?

    I've played both and I've liked playing both of them. if I want quicker action I play COD if I want more tactical I go for BF. I will say though that the more recent Call of Duty's are least favorites with Modern Warfare 3 being my all time favorite, the series has gone down ever since it seems...
  4. fireball916

    Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale PS4

    I just bought the game a few months ago because it was on sale for a few bucks. I really enjoyed it and would love it if they made another Battle Royale for PS4. It's not as great as Super Smash Bros but it was good enough. Nintendo and Sony should make a Super Smash Battle Royale mashup game...
  5. fireball916

    If you were stuck on an island and only could have one game, what would it be?

    I'd bring Minecraft so I could build a scale replica of the island I'm on... because you know why not?
  6. fireball916


    I've given up hope for PS2/PS3 backwards compatibility, but I think PS4 games need to work on the PS5 in order to justify buying one closer to launch since my PS4 is still doing just fine. I don't care what the specs of the PS5 are going to be as long as it can run native 4k at bare minimum...
  7. fireball916

    First game you bought?

    I don't remember the first game I bought with my own money. I would imagine it would be a Pokemon game for the Gameboy Advance though. First game I can actually recall purchasing would be Uncharted 2 for the PS3. Left me entertained for hours and hours with the story mode alone and many, many...
  8. fireball916

    Do you love playing in VR?

    I remember the first mobile VR "game" I played was a "horror" game that was basically you sitting on a couch while stuff happened around you. You couldn't move or interact with anything and lasted for around 2 minutes. Essentially a 360 video.
  9. fireball916

    Do you love playing in VR?

    I've tried using phone VR like Google Cardboard but it lacks complex games that have a real story. I'm excited to hopefully sometime in the future use a real VR system like the Oculus, Vive, PSVR. Price is really the only roadblock for mass adoption of VR. It costs several $100's just for the VR...
  10. fireball916

    Terraria vs Minecraft!

    I could never get into Terreria as much as I could get into Minecraft. I own both for PC and it's been years since I've opened up Terreria. I think it's because Minecraft allows you to have much more control over creativity than Terreria.
  11. fireball916

    Stardew Valley goals?

    I think one of the positive aspects of Stardew Valley is the lack of story structured goals. You can do whatever you want! Right now I'm playing around with my farm and trying to get everyone to like me hahaha. Just do whatever you want and what you enjoy doing.
  12. fireball916

    How many people would be interested in a controller ( wireless) for an Ipad?

    I would consider buying a controller for an iPad or phone. But I wouldn't be willing to pay more than $30. I've see controllers for mobile devices but they're usually expensive. A controller would be nice but since touch controls work decently well it's not a high priority for me.
  13. fireball916

    Movies into Games

    Most movie based video games are terrible games only made to grab money out of people who liked the movie. I'd like more video games made into movies but unfortunately they seem to do terrible or aren't well made to reflect what people liked about the game. Examples like Warcraft and Assassins...
  14. fireball916

    Need For Speed Or Drive nee

    I'd choose Need for Speed over Drive Club. Drive Club as really long load times that happen really often. My Dad and I both think it's insane how much time you wait for stuff to load in that game.
  15. fireball916

    Scariest Game You Have Played

    I haven't play Outlast but I've watched a Let's Play on YouTube. Just watching someone else playing was terrifying! During one jumpscare/chase scene I jumped and fell off my bed. Luckily my laptop stayed on the bed unharmed.
  16. fireball916

    How many hours do you play in a row?

    I typically play anywhere from 1-6 hours straight. With most times being below 4 hours. Legs and arms can get stiff and it's always good to take a break to stretch and get some stuff done around the house.
  17. fireball916

    RAGE or RAGE QUIT: Have you done this?

    If I'm getting frustrated with a game I usually let out loud a huge yell. Then I start laughing at how ridiculous my yell was and I go and pet my dog. By then I'm usually composed enough to continue playing the game. My yell is like half anger half annoyed in a funny way though. It's hard to...
  18. fireball916

    How to overcome gaming addiction?

    The will to overcome addiction of any kind has to come from within. When I need to take a break from gaming I find it's best to find ways to distract yourself by finding a new or different hobby. I like to go for a jog and see if I can improve my mile time or go for a longer walk with my dog. If...
  19. fireball916

    What kind of mouse are you using on your rig?

    Lol I use a Lenovo office mouse that I got for free. I also have a basic Logitech wireless mouse for my laptop if I need it. I've never seen the need to get a really expensive gaming mouse. My criteria for a mouse include: Left Click? Right Click? Scroll? All right we're set!
  20. fireball916

    "Spoiled Generation"

    Every generation has some good eggs and bad eggs. I think it's possible that it's just easier to see more of the spoiled rotten kids due to social media and stuff like that mixed with an increased sense of keeping up with the Jones. The Jones' newborn has a $500 phone we need to get our newborn...