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  1. lilac123

    Is it hard to be the Support?

    I think it's hard to be a good support, because you have to be aware of everything at all times. It's also hard if you're playing with an ADC that you don't know. I've played with ADCs that just jump into a fight they're going to lose and I have to go in and try to save them even though it's...
  2. lilac123

    What do you do when you have a flamer on your team?

    When I first started playing, I actually used to get pretty upset when people flamed me but now it doesn't really phase me at all. Sometimes I get a bit irritated when someone blames me for something even though it wasn't my fault, but I just ignore them. I don't respond to flamers anymore and...
  3. lilac123

    The MID lane

    I play mostly mid champs such as Lux and Ahri but it's kind of a boring lane for me because I usually farm until my team comes and pushes the lane with me or my jungler appears. I feel like bot lane always has a lot more going on so sometimes I go help them out if I'm bored in my lane.
  4. lilac123

    Comfort food

    Comfort food for me is whatever I'm craving at that particular moment, which changes pretty often. Sometimes it's something warm and filling like soup or chili, sometimes it's junk food. I also consider my mom's cooking comfort food.
  5. lilac123

    How much time do you spend playing games on mobile?

    I'm not really into mobile games at the moment so maybe an hour a week? The games I play now are games I've gotten a little bored of so I only play them to kill time and when I have nothing else to do. However, when a game I really like (like Pokemon GO or Mario Run) just comes out I can spend...
  6. lilac123

    Favorite Casual Mobile Games

    I really like Bubble Shooter (there are a lot of variations of it). I used to play it for 4-5 hours a day while I listened to movies or TV shows. I think it's a nice way to relax and not have to think too much. It's probably one of the only mobile games I don't get bored of after a few months.
  7. lilac123

    What mobile games do you play?

    I play Piano Tiles and Mario Run sometimes when I'm very bored and have nothing else to do. I get bored of mobile games pretty easily though so it changes every few months or so. Before these, I was pretty addicted to Crossy Road because I wanted to collect all the characters, but they kept...
  8. lilac123

    What is your favorite browser?

    I use Google Chrome. I've been using it for so long that I don't really have an interest in using Firefox/Safari/etc and I'm not used to the layout of other browsers. Also, I can't live without some of my Chrome extensions and I'm not sure if they're available in other browsers.
  9. lilac123

    Do you play mobile games to kill time?

    Yeah I only play mobile games to kill time, since I haven't found any games recently that are fun enough for me to play when I could do something else. I usually play games that don't require data when I'm on the subway since there's no reception and there's nothing else for me to do other than...
  10. lilac123

    McDonalds vs Burger King?

    I'm addicted to McDonalds iced coffee, I get one just about every day and sometimes I end up getting food along with it too. I also like their fries and breakfast items more. I don't mind Burger King, but it seems like there aren't as many around where I live.
  11. lilac123

    Do you go to the Gym?

    Yes I do, I feel terrible when I don't work out at least 2-3 times a week. I just feel like I have no energy and I stop caring about my diet too. My current gym membership is pretty expensive so I feel guilty when I don't go. The gym is the perfect place for me to unwind, take my mind off other...
  12. lilac123

    Learning League

    I have the same problem. Sometimes people are just toxic for no reason and there's nothing you can do. With that being said, I have also come across quite a few nice players who helped me out when I sucked, although those are few and far between. If it makes you feel better, you can disable the...
  13. lilac123

    What is your favorite free-to-play game?

    I think my favorite free-to-play game is League right now. They are always updating the game and adding new champions, reworking old champions, etc, trying to improve the game and player experience. Although I haven't been playing for all that long, some of my friends who have been playing for...
  14. lilac123

    Difficulty or Fun?

    I like a bit of both, but probably fun over difficulty since I play games to destress and take my mind off other things. This is probably the reason why I don't like puzzle games, as I don't want to be sitting there thinking for hours, I just want to have fun. However, if the game is too easy...
  15. lilac123

    Favorite childhood game

    My favorite childhood game is probably Pokemon (I started off with Pokemon Crystal) just because it was the first game I ever played and although I played the same game for years, I never got bored of it. I'm still a pretty big fan of Pokemon even now. Back then, everyone would bring their...
  16. lilac123

    Last champ played?

    Mine was Ziggs (7/3/8). I just started playing him yesterday since he was in the Free Champion Rotation and it turns out I really like him.
  17. lilac123

    Favorite Skin?

    Star Guardian Lux (the one in my avatar) is my favorite, I think all her animations are very pretty. I also like Super Teemo and Super Kennen. Even without the skins, those two are pretty adorable, but they're even cuter with the skins. I also like Guqin Sona, although I don't own it yet.
  18. lilac123

    Why am I so bad at LoL?

    I started not so long ago and I'm still pretty bad too. Almost every time I play, I feel like quitting because I'm so bad at the game and people can be pretty toxic to new players. But it's also too addicting for me to quit right now. There are just so many champions and I don't know what all...
  19. lilac123

    You can be one champion for a day, who do you pick?

    If I could come with a skin too, then maybe MD Kennen or Super Kennen. I think it'd be fun to be a tiny little ninja like him. He's also the cutest champion, especially when he rolls around on the ground while laughing, so I'd be pretty happy if I could be as cute as Kennen for a day.
  20. lilac123

    How often do you play?

    I usually play about 3-4 games before I get tired and before I feel bad about spending so much time playing League. I really liked the Dark Star game mode that was up a while ago since each game only took 10-15 mins and that way I could play a lot more games at a time.