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  1. Chris Holman

    Are there any decent mobile app MMORPGs?

    Hey guys, So I I'm on the run a lot these days and I enjoy playing MMORPGs yet can't seem to find a decent one on the Play Store? They have some on there but none seem to truly interest me. Do you guys have any good suggestions, and if so what makes that game awesome? Can't wait to read your...
  2. gamergal

    Have you played B.O.A.R?

    Has anyone played B.O.A.R, that's short for Bullets of a Revolver? I played it a very long time ago on my PC. I don't usually play these kinds of games. But to cut the usual routine of mainstream gaming, I sometimes did play these short PC games. This was not my first PC game, however. Nor it...
  3. Phristo

    Good Adventure PC game

    I've been playing stealth, war, 3rd and 1st person shooter games and I'm having nightmares with them. I feel uneasy after playing these violent games. Is there any good adventure games you can recommend to me. Some feel good adventure exploring game. Or just something just good without the...