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  1. cesarmatute

    Titanfall: Assault , New Android Game!

    Hi all. I have never played the other Titanfall games, but I just started playing the new Android game, Titanfall: Assault, and it is pretty cool. I like the gameplay, it's fun. It is more than I expected for a mobile game. This is a sample of how mobile games are evolving and becoming more...
  2. lindbergh

    Suggest Some Good Vr Games On Android

    Since I got myself a Vivo V5s, I've been testing its muscle since day 1. I have downloaded lots of games that have high end graphics like Shadowgun: Deadzone, Modern Combat 4, Real Boxing, Asphalt, and Dragon Quest VIII. The phone handled these games with ease. Now I want something unique. I...
  3. lindbergh

    Shadow Fight 2 - One of the best fighting games on mobile

    Wow, I can't believe that I just discovered Shadow Fight 2! I have been searching for decent fighting games on mobile for a while now and I'm such an idiot because I just discovered Shadow Fight 2 today. Anyways, this game looks amazing. Though the characters are merely shadows, the backgrounds...
  4. Jordan

    Game Rebels Mobile Apps

    After months of development from @Aayush, I'm pleased to be introducing to you, our FIRST 100% Completely Native Mobile App! Secure & Private! Be rest assured that all of our users' data is secured! As per our Privacy Policy, your data never leaves our servers! We do not use any third party...