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  1. anaatef9

    Swiss system

    What are your opinions on most of the cs go big tournaments using the Swiss system format? The Swiss system is the format used in most of today's CS GO tournaments. Ever since its implementation, it has been controversial. It offers a much bigger chance for underdog teams to make it to the...
  2. Dabstin

    Winter Update 2015

    So this update was quite large frankly, they changed a lot of stuff that are hard to notice but greatly impact the game, while they distracted us with the R8 revolver lol. One of the things they changed is the recoil recovery rate of the AK and M4 rifles. It's become so hard to tap shoot as I...
  3. MakisHD

    COD or CSGO?

    Recently I have chose Counter Strike Global Offensive in favour of Call of Duty for several reasons. First is "CS" do not produce a new game every year, instead add constant map updates and features constantly, not to mention that the game only cost me around £10 which is way cheaper than Call...