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  1. SpellBound

    The Best Ultra High Graphics Game

    Hey gamers, what are your opinions for very high graphics texture games? What are the most breathtakingly beautiful games out there for our phones? Which are the best among these that you would suggest? Kindly shine a light upon this by sharing your valuable views.
  2. SpellBound

    Experienced Gamers: Which is your favorite game developer company?

    Video Games are the greatest things ever created by humans, but which companies are the best according to experienced gamers like you? Be it the Story, Graphics or Gameplay .
  3. amitkokiladitya

    Changes in gaming

    What do you think about the changes in the gaming that have occurred all over these years? With changes I'm talking about the looks and presentation of each game. The advancements in graphics and multimedia have made tremendous changes in the display and presentation of games. They have become...