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  1. Gettingmile

    Hello Everyone, It's Larry here

    Hello there, I hope you are having a great Day. My name is Larry and I’m so happy to be here.Games are a medicine that eases my tension and fun esp. when playing with my friends and family. Do you know that those who play games more than 4hours/week makes a fewer error by 38% when practising new...
  2. BatmanWayne


    I'm the Batman, I know where you are, but I can't tell WHERE IS SHE? tell me about yourself (but I already know everything about you). Don't ask me if I know Bruce Wayne, I know him, but I am another person, trust me, or don't...
  3. Baconmanz

    Hey, I'm glad to join!

    This forum excites me as I love gaming, right now one of my most played games is Overwatch. I usually play FPSs and MMORPGs, and some other games that fall outside those two genres. My in game name is Baconmanz and that's why my forum name is that too, I hope I learn to love this community!