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  1. Pink_Turtle

    Any tips or tricks to keep a clan well integrated?

    Hey guys! so as most of you know a lot of clans end up dissolved because of lack of interest or differences between the members but do you know the ultimate master key to keep them running? I mean do you know any tips or tricks to make them last? How to keep a clan well integrate? Share your...
  2. Pink_Turtle

    Have you ever been in a clan with people from different countries?

    Hello guys! So I was thinking the world of possibilities that gaming gives you, even to play with people from different cultures, I had the opportunity to play with people from different countries, I even learn some words -bad words lol- in french because of it, so I was wondering have you ever...
  3. Pink_Turtle

    What do you like the most about being a clan leader?

    So guys, I've been reading a lot of you saying you really like being a clan leader because that's just part of your personality -being a leader- and I was wondering. What do you like the most about it? Do you consider yourself a good leader in the real world too?. Please share your experiences!
  4. Deen


    I haven't seen any threads on people making clans or guilds for this game. Not even sure if this is the right section, and if it isn't then i apologize. I have no idea if there will ever be guild or clan battles ( or even a system for it ), but seems like something that might be interesting and...