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destiny 2

  1. Razzy

    Some of the Top Games on Twitch in 2017

    Twitch has come a long way since it's introduction to the gaming world, and we are all grateful for their services. They have thousands of games where players can stream and show other users what happens within the game they are playing at the time. Some play very popular games like league of...
  2. Razzy

    Destiny 2 Is Already Getting Repetitive After 2 Weeks Of Playing

    Most of the gaming world has heard of the game Destiny launched by Bungie. Well they recently launched Destiny 2 and it seems to be getting repetitive after just 2 weeks of playing. I myself had logged thousands of hours playing the first Destiny, and I love it a lot. I would run raids with...
  3. Gladdy

    Is Destiny 2 Beta Worth It?

    Hey everybody, as you probably know the Destiny 2 beta stage started a while ago and I have been wondering if it's worth pre-purchasing the game just to be able to participate and play in the beta stage? I haven't played the Destiny games before but they always looked very fun. I just don't...