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Destiny 2 Is Already Getting Repetitive After 2 Weeks Of Playing

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Most of the gaming world has heard of the game Destiny launched by Bungie. Well they recently launched Destiny 2 and it seems to be getting repetitive after just 2 weeks of playing. I myself had logged thousands of hours playing the first Destiny, and I love it a lot. I would run raids with my clan, play iron banner with friends and even go flawless with some other elite PvP players in my friends list every weekend. Sadly, the first Destiny has not come to an end but it did pave way for the second one to take over.

So why is it already getting repetitive?
After the first week of play I was already at power level 275 and other people in my friends list were nearing 290 to 295. The weekly reset just kicked in and I'm already power level 300 and the absolute cap, with power mods, is 305.

Now I haven't even run the raid yet, all of my engrams are coming from farming, PvP, public events and Trials of the Nine. Yet I'm still almost at the cap without having to do the most difficult thing in the game, the raid.

The problem with Crucible in Destiny
I loved the crucible in the first Destiny, but in Destiny 2 it's definitely lacking something. They now consider snipers, shotguns and fusion rifles a "power weapon" and you can only get ammo at certain times during the round. Before, your entire team could get the ammo if you were close enough to it, but now only one person can acquire the ammo box. Of course this encourages people to use their primaries and secondary’s since not everyone will be able to use a shotgun, sniper, fusion rifle, rocket launcher, grenade launcher or sword but why are they doing this exactly?

I have a feeling that this was changed because of how many people complained about snipers and shotgunners in the first Destiny. I would primarily snipe and others would run shotguns, but the people who weren't good at PvP would complain because they would just hard scope and sit around while the good players learned how to quick scope and keep moving.

In Destiny 2 you now have to team shoot in order to guarantee a combat situation in PvP, which is pretty annoying. I want to be able to go around the map and wipe an entire team by sneaking up on them from behind, priming them with a grenade and then hitting them with a primary or secondary. I would also like to be able to sit and camp with a sniper, yes I know no one likes campers, but I would be moving after around 10 seconds of no action lol. I would be in the fray as well as watching it from a distance and picking off members of the other fire team as my friends would engage them. I got a lot of hate email because of this, but we usually won due to good communication and load outs.

The problem with the raid in Destiny 2
Now the raid just launched last week and a team beat it within the first day. I think they completed the raid within 7 hours, which seems like a super long time, but I understand why. For those of you who don't know what the raids in Destiny and Destiny 2 are like, I'll explain...

Imagine that you spawn into a game and you're not told what to do. It's you, your weapons, your fireteam and a boat load of high level enemies that you have to destroy, all while completing a task to move on to the next part of the raid. Not knowing what to do can have you running around for hours to finish one stage of the raid, and the world’s first completed every section in a total time less than 7 hours lol.

After you get done with the entire raid, you're likely going to be a very high power level. Normally this is awesome, but right now the cap is 300 or 305 if you have legendary mods (which we all do). Since these people have finished the raid and capped their power levels, there is nothing to do on the game until the hard raid drops. Even then, you're just going to be doing similar things in order to grind enough power levels until you cap out again :(

Now don't get me wrong, I love Destiny 2 and will likely invest thousands of hours into it just like the first one launched 3 years ago. I just don't see the replay value for the majority of the players and I think they will need to start tweaking some systems in order to make everything more customizable and re-playable for people who are going to be dedicated. Luckily they launch a bunch of DLC's in order to add new weapons, gear, enemies, raids, events, etc. but if they go the same route as Destiny 1... they will likely just re-skin a lot of stuff and rename it as well :(

In Conclusion:
Destiny 2 is definitely a good game for the casual gamer or a person who is more of a PvP player that has a good team to work with. If you're a solo player without many friends, don't expect to do the raid or Trials of the Nine since these need 4 and 6 man teams consisting of good players in order to complete what is needed.


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Mar 21, 2016
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When I played the first Destiny game, I played it for a month straight, and then I started to not want to play it anymore as it was the same thing over and over again... When I heard destiny 2 was coming out, I didn't bother getting the game as I knew I wouldn't play it for more then a week or two.


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Aug 12, 2012
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I feel the same @Gray
I purchased Destiny at full price when it came out. Didn't play it long. Literally haven't touched it since that day xD
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Sep 23, 2017
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If you ask me, Destiny was joyfull when i 1st played it. But the repeatations annoyed. I haven't played it so far than.


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Sep 21, 2017
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I still enjoy the game right now, but I have no urge to level a third character because of how long it takes. You're just grinding 24/7 to get gear to increase your lvl or to infuse into other gear you prefer more. Right now I'm just waiting for the weekends so I can play Trials of the Nine which is a competitive PvP game style where you have to get to 7 wins with no losses in order to be flawless. After you go flawless, you get some sweet loot which will help increase your power level.

But even then, I'm already close to max level as of right now and most of the gear won't help out. And don't get me started on how under powered the weapons trials weapons are... lol
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