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  1. Razzy

    Destiny 2 Is Already Getting Repetitive After 2 Weeks Of Playing

    Most of the gaming world has heard of the game Destiny launched by Bungie. Well they recently launched Destiny 2 and it seems to be getting repetitive after just 2 weeks of playing. I myself had logged thousands of hours playing the first Destiny, and I love it a lot. I would run raids with...
  2. Gladdy

    How are you liking Tomb of Sargeras?

    If you're a regular or even a casual World of Warcraft player then you know that the latest raid that has been released not long ago is the Tomb of Sargeras. Tomb of Sargeras can be found within the Broken Shore zone and it's located in the former Temple of Elune. It's pretty easy to find since...